Why Did Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Break Up? The Reason Is Super Relatable

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were together for over six years, and their relationship appeared to go from strength to strength. They largely stayed out of the public eye, but rumors have swelled for a while now that the pair were engaged or secretly married. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case, as ET now reports they’ve called it quits. It’s sad, but the reason Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up is actually super relatable.

They were a massive part of one another’s lives.

Throughout the course of their relationship, Swift spent increasingly long periods of time in Alwyn’s native UK. The pair shared a £7 million townhouse in the Primrose Hill area of London, and as time went on, the “Lavender Haze” singer seemed to be there much more than she was in America.

And while Alwyn has a successful acting career of his own, he was still instrumental in Swift’s recent musical efforts. He was listed as a co-writer on “Sweet Nothings” from Swift’s “Midnights” album. He also co-wrote several songs on “Evermore” and “Folklore.”

Their lives became increasingly entwined over the years. However, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn did indeed go their separate ways in March 2023 because things had come to a head, if reports are to be believed.

Why did Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn break up?

While many fans might be expecting a dramatic betrayal or a massive blow-up that led to Swift and Alwyn’s split, that’s simply not true. According to ET, they ended things a few weeks back calmly and amicably because it was just time.

A source told the site that “it was not dramatic” and that “the relationship had just run its course.” They pointed out the fact that Alwyn hasn’t attended any shows on Swift’s Eras Tour as further proof of their relationship being over.

That being said, fans shouldn’t expect any juicy details about what went down between the former couple. They’ve been notoriously private about their relationship, with Alwyn telling British Vogue all the way back in 2018 that they purposely avoided opening up about private affairs. “I’m aware people want to know about that side of things,” he told the magazine in reference to Swift. “I think we have been successfully very private, and that has now sunk in for people,” he said.

The best chance we have of finding out what went on will come when Taylor Swift releases a new album, as no doubt many of the songs will be about her relationship with (and split from) Joe Alwyn.

Needless to say, fans are devastated

Many flocked to social media to express their grief that the couple’s relationship was over. However, some outright refused to believe the story, insisting it’s a vicious rumor and that Swift and Alwyn are still happily together.

“Say sike rn,” one person begged. Another person was more pragmatic, tweeting, “I can personally say I don’t believe a lot of these stories do I know whether true no but I have doubts as to the veracity. Not much going on to a lot going on being my one major clue and ET and Us Weekly being source questionable.”

“Time to go and cry to Reputation and Lover,” another fan lamented, though they were quick to add, “I don’t believe it though because ET lied so many times before.”

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