Why Do Guys Break Up With Women They Still Love?

The worst kind of breakup is when the guy says that he still loves you and doesn’t give a valid reason for ending the relationship. If this has recently happened to you, one of these 10 reasons might be behind his decision to walk away from you.

He cheated. 

Whether via a one-night stand or an ongoing relationship, he’s been unfaithful to you and he absolutely despises himself for it. Instead of owning up to what he’s done and being honest, he chooses to take the “easy” way out, i.e. end the relationship before he has to answer for what he’s done. Sure, it’s cowardly, but it happens.

He has a fear of commitment.

Sure, it might be immature and short-sighted, but maybe he fears losing his freedom. Maybe the relationship is growing increasingly more serious and the idea of having to commit, whether it’s to a house, a dog, or marriage, is slowly but surely driving him away.

He doesn’t want the same things as you. 

On the other hand, perhaps it’s not commitment itself that is scaring him. Maybe it’s the fact that you want all of the traditional things in the next few years and he’s ready to live a nomadic life in Southeast Asia for the foreseeable future. It’s nobody’s fault, but it’s just not going to work out between you guys.

The timing is all wrong.

Did you meet when he’s about to move across the country for work? Or were you on vacation but you’re both from different cities/states/countries? Sometimes it’s not about how much he cares for you at all, it’s about the circumstances. Not everyone is open to doing a long-distance relationship, and they don’t work if one partner is all in and the other one isn’t.

You have toxic arguments

If you guys are constantly screaming and shouting at each other, not treating each other with respect, and showing signs of being in a toxic relationship, he might decide to pack it in. Even though it’s heartbreaking, this is actually the best thing to do in this case. After all, once a relationship goes toxic, it never really comes back from that.

He feels like you’re incompatible as people. 

Following on from the last point, perhaps your relationship has been showing signs of toxicity because of the fact that your personalities aren’t compatible—and that’s OK. Not every person is suited to a specific someone, and you can love someone so much but sometimes it isn’t enough if you don’t gel as people.

He feels like you’re incompatible sexually. 

Likewise, there are also guys who fall in love but prefer to break up over working on the relationship due to sexual incompatibility. This often isn’t a problem in the beginning when the relationship is new and you’re both actively trying to please each other. However, when the initial attraction wears off, failure to align with each other in the bedroom can put a huge strain on a couple, whether your libido is higher than his or vice versa.

He feels like you depend on him too much. 

Responsibilities in a relationship should be shared, from cooking dinner to being there when the other one needs cheering up. If you’re naturally quite needy as a person and require a lot of attention and assistance in everyday life, some guys struggle to handle this type of person as a girlfriend. They feel like the relationship is one-sided. Therefore, instead of giving the woman what she wants or needs, he might prefer to cut her off so he can just focus on himself.

He feels like you’re trying to fix him. 

Perhaps you’re not very needy at all but you’re not happy with an aspect of your boyfriend. From his lack of domestic capability to the way he dresses or how he acts in front of your family, maybe you’re guilty of getting on his back about one or two things and he’s grown tired of it. If a guy feels like he’s being continuously picked at or nagged, he might be inclined to walk away from you no matter how much he loves you.

He’s bored.

This is usually due to being young, immature, and surrounded by single friends. Perhaps he had a taste of how much choice there is available on dating apps and he simply doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. Alternatively, sometimes relationships just run their natural course. They’re good in that particular moment but then, in the real world, they’re not destined to last. That’s fine! You’re clearly not with the right guy because the right one will never walk away from you.

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