Why Do Guys Stop Texting When Things Are Going Well?

You meet a guy you like and you vibe really well. You text each other all day and late into the night for weeks. You’re excited about how things are going. And then out of nowhere he just stops texting you. You’re not sure if he’s doing this on purpose or whether he’s fallen off the face of the earth. This experience is one that many of us are familiar with. Here are some of the reasons guys stop texting out of nowhere.

  1. He’s not as into you as you thought. Sometimes we end up liking people a lot more than they like us. It hurts but it happens. It could be that he realized that you were falling for him and he doesn’t exactly feel the same way for you. By not texting, he’s trying to wean you off him so you don’t go breaking your own heart. Consider his radio silence to be a blessing in disguise and just let him go.
  2. He sucks at communicating. Some guys just don’t know how to communicate well, especially over text. They may put in the effort at first when they meet someone they really like, but eventually their true selves will catch up with them. It’s not that he’s suddenly stopped liking you, he just finds texting back and forth to be exhausting and he doesn’t know how to tell you that. Maybe he thinks you wouldn’t understand so it’s easier for him to just hit pause on texting you.
  3. He’s not ready to take the relationship any further. It’s possible that he really likes you, but he doesn’t feel comfortable taking the relationship from whatever stage it’s at to the next level. He knows that if he keeps texting you, you’re going to expect some form of commitment like going from casual dating to seeing only each other or from friends to lovers. To avoid that, he stops texting in the hopes that you’ll get the idea and pull back too.
  4. You were just a game to him. Some guys need to chase after women even if they’re not interested in being with them. They’ll shower you with attention and when they’re satisfied that you’re into them, they’ll wrap it up and move on to the next chick. They just want to know that they can get you. These kinds of guys are insecure jerks who need to use other people to feel good about themselves. Be glad you dodged a bullet.
  5. He’s getting serious with someone else. There’s a high chance the guy you’re talking to is talking to other girls on the side and I’m guessing that he’s not the only guy you’re texting or seeing either. It may be that his relationship with one of the others is becoming a real thing so he decided to do the decent thing and cut everyone else off. It’s not like he’s going to come right out and say “I’m not going to text you anymore because I’m seriously seeing someone else now.”
  6. The bond between you isn’t strong enough. Texting cannot replace actually spending quality time with a person. Let’s say you meet a guy at a bar, exchange numbers, and start texting each other. He’s obviously not known you for a long so you haven’t really built a strong connection. The initial attraction might fuel his urge to text you at first, but that’ll start fading over time and eventually run out. if you want to keep the fires burning, you’ll have to keep meeting him in person to make him actually grow close to you.
  7. You were doing the most. It’s easy to get carried away and come on too strong when you’re talking to someone you like. Maybe you were sending way too many texts without even waiting for a response from him and he got turned off by that. It could also be that you’re bad at texting. You hardly reply to his messages on time or don’t know how to keep a conversation going, so he’s placed you on time out.
  8. You said something that offended or annoyed him. It’s easy for meanings to get lost in translation over text because you can’t see each other’s faces. He can’t read your mood or tone accurately so he might have misunderstood something you said and taken it to heart even though you were only joking.
  9. He’s not serious about you. Sure, he likes being with you. You have fun whenever you hang out. The sex might even be fantastic, but he’s not looking for anything serious with you. He’s going to blow hot and cold. He’ll text you on his own terms because he’s not willing to put any extra effort into what you both have. Well, that’s his loss. You’re not a toy that he can pick up and discard at will. show him the door.
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