Why Do Men Fall Out Of Love? A Guy Shares 15 Reasons He’s Checked Out

As magical as it is to fall in love, love doesn’t always last forever and people fall out of it all the time, especially men. One day we’re head over heels and the next day we’re totally over someone. For women, I imagine that the most frustrating part is now knowing why and how guys can switch off their feelings seemingly out of nowhere. While it might not change anything, here are some of the most common reasons the passion fades away entirely for guys.

  1. They don’t feel like themselves. It’s possible for a guy to get so deep into a relationship that he forgets who he is or who he was before the relationship. When he no longer recognizes himself, he might start to resent his partner and then fall out of love with her.
  2. There’s too much negativity around. Relationships are supposed to be fun, so when the fun stops, guys can lose interest in their partners in a hurry. When there’s too much nagging or negativity in a relationship, it’s easy to no longer feel the love. To prevent this from happening, both people have to remember that relationships are supposed to be fun, even when they get serious.
  3. They were never really in love. Unfortunately, there’s a difference between love and infatuation that men don’t always recognize. Men can sometimes get too wrapped up in their infatuation or physical attraction toward someone. They might also fall in love with a feeling or a concept rather than a person, and when that starts to fade, they realize they were never actually in love with these women in the first place.
  4. They’re not your hero anymore. Men love being admired and we enjoy being a heroic figure in our partner’s eyes. We want to make you proud of us. But when we start to feel like you don’t admire us anymore, it’s easy to fall out of love. We can tell when you don’t look at us the same way, which can make it harder to keep loving you.
  5. They’ve been betrayed. It’s amazing how quickly infidelity can make a guy fall out of love. It tends to create a thin line between love and hate. Some guys are capable of getting over it, but with others, they almost immediately fall out of love and despise their cheating partners.
  6. They don’t feel supported. Men need to feel supported just women do, and we can sense when our partner doesn’t have our backs 100%. If it starts to feel like we’re not on the same team, men can fall out of love quickly.
  7. You’re too needy. Not only is it easy to drive a guy away by being too clingy, but it’s possible to make a guy fall completely out of love. It feels great to be wanted but neediness takes things too far. When a woman is too needy, it almost doesn’t feel like a loving relationship anymore. Things are too one-sided and that can make a guy move away from love.
  8. Both of you are going through the motions. Unfortunately, too many of us know what this feels like. It’s possible to get so deep into a relationship that both parties start going through the motions. When you get to this point, both people are likely to fall out of love, although the guy is usually first.
  9. They’re not ready to commit. Every serious relationship gets to a tipping point where it’s time to commit, and some guys just aren’t ready for it. They fear commitment or they’re not ready to let go of something or someone from their past. Either way, the pressure to commit can turn them off and make them quickly fall out of love, even if everything was great to that point.
  10. All of the little things just got too much. Falling in love can be all about the little things. There are little jokes that couples have or little favors that they do for one another that keeps the love alive. But when that stops, guys can unknowingly start to fall out of love. In a way, not doing the little things anymore means no longer being the people you fell in love with in the first place, which makes it easy for a guy to fall out of love.
  11. They’ve been having second thoughts. When it comes to serious relationships, a lot of guys can be prone to second thoughts and cold feet. They get nervous and start to question if this is what they really want. Once that doubt starts to creep into their minds, it becomes possible to fall out of love with someone.
  12. Your communication is nonexistent. We should all know that communication is key in any relationship. If a couple doesn’t talk and communicate the way they used to, it’s easy to lose your connection and your strong feelings. After a while, you can wake up one day and no longer be in love with someone.
  13. There’s no more physical attraction. Sorry, but guys are a lot more shallow than women. Being physically attracted to someone usually plays a key role in being in love with them. No longer being attracted to someone physically can sometimes serve as a gateway toward no longer loving them.
  14. They realize they can’t make you happy. At the end of the day, most guys want to make their partners happy. It can be frustrating when we sense that our partners aren’t happy with the relationship. That frustration can lead us to question the relationship to the point that we might fall out of love and lose interest altogether.
  15. The sex has gone stale. Much like physical attraction, sex is also critical for men in a relationship. Not only do men enjoy sex but they also need it to keep feeling connected to the other person. If the sex wanes, so does the intimacy in the relationship. From there, it’s more challenging for a guy to remain in love and committed to their partners.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.