Why Having Your Heart Broken Could Be A Blessing In Disguise

Having your heart broken may not feel like a blessing, especially when the pain is fresh, but it more than likely is. While it’s important to give yourself time to grieve the relationship and process what you’ve been through, once you’ve processed those emotions, it becomes easier to see the upside of the situation. Here’s why you should consider yourself lucky to have been so brokenhearted.

You dodged a bullet. There’s a reason your relationship ended. Whether you were in an abusive situation, you were cheated on, or you simply weren’t right for one another, having your heart broken was a blessing because you exited an arrangement that wasn’t serving you. Had you stayed, you would ultimately end up resentful, unfulfilled, or supremely unhappy.

You have time to reflect on what you’ve learned. All relationships offer an opportunity to learn some important lessons, and that alone makes the broken heart that comes after the breakup a blessing. After you’re able to process the sadness/anger/frustration/etc. that you feel as a result, you can start to do some reflection and parse out the important lessons that you want to take with you moving forward.

You can focus on self-care. When you’re in a relationship, it’s often difficult to find enough time to set aside to focus simply on yourself. Whether it’s for doing simple, nurturing things like taking long baths, reading, meditating, yoga, or anything else, these important rituals often fall by the wayside when you’re coupled up. Once you’re on your own again, you have all the time in the world to engage in self-care, and doing so will help heal you much more quickly.

You’ll know what you want and what you don’t next time. Another reason it’s such a blessing to have a broken heart is because it necessitates making the important decision of what you’ll do in your future relationships. What do you want from your next partner? What do you definitely not want? Having time and space to explore these important questions will make your love life so much better.

You free yourself up to meet your soulmate. At the end of the day, having your heart broken means you’re now available to find the person who’s right for you. The person who will love you the way you deserve to be loved, who will be an equal partner, who will support and encourage you to be your best self. And that alone is worth all the heartache in the world.

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