Here’s Why He Never Called You After Your First Date

Here’s Why He Never Called You After Your First Date ©iStock/momcilog

So you met a gorgeous guy and actually went out with him. Everything went perfectly (at least for you) and you couldn’t wait to see him again — but it’s been days, maybe even weeks now, and you haven’t heard a peep from him. Was it something you said, or is he just too dumb to realize what a catch you are? Here are some real as hell reasons he’s never called or texted you again:

  1. You bored him to hell. While it ain’t your job to keep him entertained, maybe you didn’t make as much of an effort as you thought you did to talk about crap he cares about. It’s good to share a bit of yourself with your date, but he really doesn’t care about your sister’s new dog or that your Starbucks barista accidentally gave you decaf in your latte that morning.
  2. You were too busy with your phone. You were checking your phone every damn second and not giving him your undivided attention. You were so busy posting real-time updates on your Twitter feed and messing around with the new Snapchat filters that you weren’t really present.
  3. He’s waiting for you to make the first move. He could be testing the waters and playing hard to get at the same time. If you’re really into him and think there might be something there, shoot him a casual text message. If he doesn’t reply at all, then know that he’s not worth your time.
  4. He lost your number. He might have entered your phone number incorrectly on his phone or deleted the correct number by accident. This is pretty unlikely, obviously, since even if that was the case, he could always find you on social media if he really wanted to get in touch. If he doesn’t, he either doesn’t care that much or is too dumb to function, and you don’t need that in your life, either.
  5. You went all Magnum P.I. on him. You asked too many questions about stuff that’s not really your business or just isn’t a first date topic — his political beliefs, his number, how much money he makes, etc. — and it totally put him off. It’s good to show some curiosity about the person you’re on a date with, but you don’t have to know his life story in the first 20 minutes.
  6. You revealed TMI. You should be willing to share a bit about your own life, but your deepest, darkest secrets should probably stay private, especially when you’ve just met the guy. Going overboard with the info you share makes guys think you’re way too intense, and that’s not a good thing.
  7. He’s actually been really busy. He may be slammed at work the day after your first date and he hasn’t found time yet to contact you. That being said, he’s a grown man and if he was interested, he could find five seconds to send a quick text to let you know he’s slammed, but loved your date and wants to find time to do it again soon.
  8. He’s just not that into you. He enjoyed your company, but didn’t feel a connection that’s strong enough for him to want to continue getting in touch. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, just that you weren’t really right for each other.
Maine Belonio is a twenty-something mom and writer who has a penchant for coffee, long distance running, Tolkien, Switchfoot, and Jesus. Find her broken, honest, and brave musings at