Why Highly Sensitive People Make Amazing Partners

Dating someone who’s extremely sensitive can at first seem intimidating or even annoying. You might erroneously believe that it means you’ll constantly be walking on eggshells and dealing with mood swings, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, entering into a relationship with someone who’s deeply connected to their own feelings and those of the people around them is a gift. Here’s why you should consider yourself lucky to have a highly sensitive partner.

  1. They see the best in people. Because they have a deeper understanding on the human condition, they also have an incredible ability to look for and find the best qualities in people rather than focusing on the worst. That’s not to say that they’re blinded to the negative traits you might have but that they don’t believe those flaws define you. A sensitive partner knows people are more complicated than that.
  2. They pick up on their partners’ feelings, no matter how subtle. You might not be great at verbally communicating how you feel or there may simply be times that you don’t know how to say what’s going on in your head and heart. That’s no problem when you have a highly sensitive partner. This is because people like this are extremely intuitive and observant and often know how you’re feeling before even you do. It’s eerie at times but also quite a relief.
  3. They’re empathetic and understanding. Even if you say, think, feel, or do something that’s outside their realm of knowledge, they’ll still make every effort to consider your perspective and find a level of understanding that allows them to relate to you more. You may be going through something or expressing something that’s completely alien to them, but their gift means they’re still able to connect to you and find some common ground.
  4. They’re incredible listeners. One of the best things about having a highly sensitive partner is that they love to listen. They’re incredible sounding boards, never offering unsolicited opinions but instead simply taking in what you have to say in order to make you feel heard and to help them understand and respond to you better. They won’t cut you off and interrupt you, change the subject, or offer you advice you haven’t asked for. They’re simply there to listen.
  5. They love intensely and aren’t afraid to show it. Highly sensitive people also tend to be highly emotional. This means they feel things deeply and passionately and they’re incredibly demonstrative with their affections. A highly sensitive partner will always make you feel loved and adored and will never take you for granted or neglect your feelings.
  6. They have incredible self-awareness. Highly sensitive people are also big on self-reflection. Because they want to understand themselves and others better, they spend a lot of time unpacking themselves, their motivations and feelings, and even the world around them. This allows them to be extremely self-aware and therefore they rarely if ever act out of turn. What you see is what you get from them and crazy explosions are far from the norm.
  7. They’re more than willing to work hard on maintaining the relationship. While no relationship should be nonstop work, all relationships do take effort to maintain and there will be times when issues arise. When that happens, you can count on your highly sensitive partner to step right up to work things out immediately, and they won’t give up until they do.
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