Why Is He Ignoring Your Texts? 10 Possible Explanations

­­You’re sitting there staring at your phone, willing it to ding with a text from that one oh-so-special guy while clinging to hope of a valid reason for his mobile silence. Well, get ready for some tough love girlfriend, because you need to hear the truth. Here are 12 reasons why you’ve been left on read.

  1. He’s dragging his feet to tell you he’s not interested. He’s flattered by your interest. The attention you give him strokes his ego. He may even enjoy your chats. But does he want you? No. Sometimes he engages and he may even be hoping to be harmless, but he also realizes if he’s consistent, he has to break the truth to you and he’s not ready for that yet.
  2. He’s insecure about himself and wants to seem cool. This is a guy who’s either had failed relationships in the past or simply doesn’t get around much in general. He has no idea what he’s doing and isn’t sure of the rules of dating. He probably sees your texts pop up on his preview as soon as you send them. But to maintain some game and an aura of mystery, he’s taking his time to respond. He’s also trying to figure out what he’s even going to say back.
  3. He’s genuinely busy. This only applies for a short time. Some people can’t be accessed when they’re at work. As shocking as this may sound, there are still some cellular dead zones out there as well. Sometimes people really can’t text, or they do get super caught up with things. Trust your intuition here and try to gauge his typical patterns.
  4. You’re not a priority. He likes you, but only on a casual level. He doesn’t exactly have a problem with you, but he’s not actively pursuing you either and isn’t about to jump up on cue when he hears from you.
  5. You’re not the person he was waiting for a text from. While you’re over there pining for him and doting on his reply, he may be busy refreshing his screen for an incoming message from whoever’s actually caught his attention. When your message came through instead, he perked up only to be immediately disappointed by the identity of the sender (you).
  6. He’s immature and not ready for what you want. This is the guy who is constantly blowing hot and cold. He likes the perks of a relationship with you but doesn’t want the responsibility of being with someone. He tunes in for the good but pulls back before it gets too serious or comfortable.
  7. He’s a bad texter. This only applies if he’s always been this way. Actions speak louder than words and if he’s consistent in person and showing you his interest, mobile small talk just may not be his thing. This can also be the case if he used to be a better texter in the beginning but fell off down the line. He may have been exerting effort to be someone he wasn’t until you all settled into a routine and he couldn’t keep up the effort.
  8. He simply doesn’t want to talk to you. He may have been attracted to you at some point, but now you’re just annoying him, nagging too much, or being overly clingy. Talking to you has become unpleasant and he’s over it.
  9. He’s guilty about something he did and avoiding you. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with him. Your relationship could be totally fine and you’re everything he wants and more. But after one too many drinks the other night, he could’ve slipped up during a guys’ night out. Or he ran into an ex he thought he was over until he found out otherwise through post-breakup sex. Either way, he’s not ready to come clean and steering clear of conversing with you.
  10. He needs time to figure out what he wants. He likes you but he also doesn’t want to lead you on. He may have been happy being single and the chemistry between you two is catching him off guard. He’s still trying to decide if a relationship is something he can even manage and sadly that leaves you in limbo. Even if he has the best intentions, you should tread lightly with this one. If it was really meant to be, timing shouldn’t be a deterrent and it’s likely a bad sign from the start if there is hesitation on his end.
  11. He’s manipulative. This guy is trying to control you. You did nothing wrong except not go along with his ‘rules’ and plan. How dare you. Now you’re subject to his text silent treatment until you can come crawling back to him and adjust to his way of things. Don’t excuse any sign of abuse or allow yourself to be used. This is a clear red flag to run.
  12. He’s already in a relationship. He can’t text you back when he’s with the girlfriend or possibly even wife he already has. Your response will have to wait until he’s either alone or when things between them get rocky and he wants your attention again to escape what he has going on. This guy is beyond not worth your time and disrespecting you and her.
I’m Cara, not to be confused with Carrie, although you could say I’m a Millennial Bradshaw of sorts. Pop culture connoisseur. Lover of all things creative and passionate about health and personal well-being. Follow me on IG @cara_vale_writer