Why I’ve Started Saying “I Know” Every Time A Guy Compliments Me

Responding to praise from a guy is always a little tricky, mostly because there’s a lot of pressure to appear both humble and grateful at the same time. However, I recently gave up my insecure uncertainty and simply started responding “I know” whenever someone compliments me.  It feels great.

It feels conceited at first but it shouldn’t. It has been ingrained in women to keep our egos in check, but confidence isn’t the same as cockiness. When I decided to change my response to unsolicited compliments, I was worried that I would come across as self-centered. At first, I have to admit that it did feel a little strange. However, after a few trial runs, I started embracing the new reply. Not only did it eventually feel natural but it also felt empowering.

The guys are left speechless instead of me. My old response to a compliment from a guy at a bar would be nervous giggling. If I got lucky, I’d stutter and manage a few awkward, self-deprecating words. I’ve noticed that having a strong initial response leaves the man in an unexpected position instead of me. Gotta love that.

It weeds out the guys who don’t want a strong womanIf a guy is put off by a confident response, it’s a big red flag. I want to find a man who helps me embrace my assertiveness. My partner should be proud of my self-confidence, not be intimidated by it. I’m looking for an equal partner, simple as that.

The guys who are worth it are left wanting more. OK, so the main objective shouldn’t be to grab the guy’s interest, but it is a nice perk. I’ve noticed that the best guys are usually intrigued by an unforeseen reply, especially from a bold, forward woman. Like I said before, if they’re not, they’re probably not worth it anyway.

They’re reminded that I have the power. Compliments from men are nice, but they don’t have the power to change my life. Sometimes it’s nice to remind them that I don’t get my self-esteem from others, especially from strangers at the club. Everything I need, I give myself, so I won’t be looking to guys for validation.

I’m sending a message about my self-worth. I’ve noticed that my new response automatically tells others that I won’t allow them to mess with me. The meaning behind the words becomes, “I know my worth, and I want you to know it too.”

My response reinforces a positive self-image. Even though I don’t feel beautiful all the time, responding “I know” has made me believe it more often than not. It’s the classic example of a positive affirmation, but instead of saying it in front of the mirror, I’m saying it in front of a guy. I’ve found that reinforcing my pride in public has been even more effective in boosting my self-assurance.

I’m forced to fight my apologetic tendencies. Women are taught to constantly apologize. It is something that society seems to expect us to do, even in the most unnecessary situations. I always used to apologize for my awkward reaction to praise about my physical appearance, but this new tactic has made me completely unapologetic. Saying “sorry” is ridiculous when we have nothing to be sorry about.

It normalizes female confidence. Women don’t need to be meek and coy to be attractive. If we’re feeling ourselves, we should be able to be loud and proud. In my opinion, you should take that selfie, post that bikini pic, and move like you own that dance floor. Body positivity is contagious and it feels damn good.

It took a minute to get used to, but I’ll never go back. In the end, pushing through my initial uncertainty was totally worth the end result. I’m so glad that I conquered my hesitation and built up the courage to respond with confidence. My brave reaction has now become a regular (and positive) part of my life. I’ll never respond to a compliment with nervous, apologetic giggling again. At the end of the day, I do know how great I am, and you should too!

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