Why Not Hearing From A Guy Could Mean He Really Likes You

Generally speaking, when you don’t hear from a guy you like, it’s pretty safe to assume that he doesn’t feel the same way about you. However, is that always true? Not necessarily. It’s totally possible that the very reason he’s gone radio silent is that he’s actually really into you. Here’s what could be going on in his head.

  1. His silence might betray his nervousness about his feelings for you. If you’ve been on a couple of dates and have been chatting a lot and then he suddenly goes radio silent, it could be because he’s realized he really likes you and it’s freaking him out. This is particularly likely if he hasn’t been in a relationship for a while or if he had his heart broken badly by his previous girlfriend. He could be simply frozen with fear because he knows he wants you but is afraid of what that means.
  2. He could be planning a grander gesture than a call or text. If your courtship is pretty established, even if it’s not an official relationship just yet, it might be that you’re not hearing from him because he’s busy planning a grand romantic gesture like a weekend getaway or even a special date. If your birthday or a major holiday is just around the corner, this could also point to him being preoccupied with planning (and not wanting to blurt out the secret if you happen to chat).
  3. Maybe he wants you to chase him to prove you like him too. If he really likes you, it probably makes him feel vulnerable. He won’t want to put himself out there in case he gets rejected, even though we all know that’s the chance you take with love. It could be that he wants you to be the one to make the bold moves so that it proves to him he’s not alone in his feelings for you. It’s slightly immature but it would make sense…
  4. He’s clearing up things in his life so he’s ready for a relationship with you. It’s possible that you haven’t heard from him because while he likes you, he also has a lot of drama going on in his life that he’s in a place where he can pursue something real with you. Maybe he has a sick family member or is still dealing with the fallout of the ending of his last relationship and doesn’t want to drag you into it. He could tell you this, at least, but that’s a whole other conversation.

Of course, it could be possible that he’s just not feeling it. It’s important to read all the signs and not kid yourself that he’s into you when it’s clear he’s not. Context matters here, and only you know based on your previous interactions with the guy where he’s at.




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