Why Strong Women Are Likely To Attract Narcissists

While you might assume that narcissists prefer to prey on women they perceive as being more vulnerable, that’s not always the case. Some of them are actually drawn to strong women who are sure of themselves and have a great sense of self-worth. That might seem like more work than it’s worth, but the truth is, narcissists themselves aren’t as confident as they’d like us to think. In fact, they’re the ones that are insecure and lack confidence. Here’s why strong women attract narcissists more regularly than you’d think.

  1. Narcissists know how to make you feel special. Narcissists are pretty good at making the people they want feel special. During courting or the early stages of the relationship, they’ll put on their usual front but will tweak it to attract strong women. The narcissist will flood her with love, attention, and support and will be very consistent. Usually, this persistence is unlike anything a she’s used to since most guys usually give up and aren’t patient enough to wait for her to let down her walls.
  2. Narcissists are drawn to successful people. While narcissists like to present themselves as successful people, there are many instances where some of them aren’t. In most cases, they’re drawn to successful people simply because they crave success themselves. They think that if they spend time with people who’re successful, they’ll inherit those traits. Some narcissists even get in relationships with successful women simply because of their need to compete and end up derailing their success.
  3. Their boldness attracts strong women. Narcissistic guys present themselves as these confident, charming men who’re sure of themselves, which is a major turn-on for strong-minded and successful women. Unfortunately, this is a trap that too many women fall for, as this is all an act. The behavior eventually becomes obnoxious and soon she’ll see through it and see him for what he really is: a loser who doesn’t deserve her.
  4. They’re expert manipulators. Narcissists are known for being expert manipulators. Once they see an opening, they won’t hesitate to sink their teeth into a strong woman and try to manipulate her emotions. The most common strategy used is being Mr. Perfect at the beginning of the relationship and gradually changing behaviors once she’s in love with him. He knows that once there’s an emotional connection, he can get her to do pretty much anything for him.
  5. They’re good at being charming and confident. Charm and fake confidence are what narcissists are well-known for. They use this to deceive others, particularly strong women. What they would love to happen is for you to end up chasing them. How powerful they must feel to have such an influence over you to the point that you’re chasing them for love. It’s all a power trip for them.
  6. They feed off your insecurities. Narcissists thrive on the insecurities of others. Their sense of self and self-worth doesn’t come from within or their own accomplishments. It comes from looking down on others and trying to make them feel bad about themselves. Everyone has insecurities, even strong women. As the relationship grows, these will begin to surface. This is what the narcissist was after all along. This was a challenge, and he has succeeded.
  7. They feel safe and secure. Narcissism often stems from incidents in childhood that caused them to feel worthless or powerless. In their pursuit of feeling like they’re above everyone and everything, they seek strong women who can be their backbone, especially if they lack maternal influences during their life. Note that this doesn’t equate to loyalty. A narcissist will throw you under the bus at the drop of the dime and will seek comfort elsewhere if needed.
  8. They envy strong women. Strong women are usually loved and admired by the people around them who support them. True narcissists envy that because they can never truly get that level of admiration and support. This makes them feel worthless and insecure so they make it their mission to get revenge. Many of these men are borderline misogynistic and wish to steal your beauty and power. Don’t let them.
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