Why Would Your Ex View Your Instagram Story If He’s Over You?

There’s nothing more confusing than thinking you and your ex have finally moved on, only for there to always be a view on your Instagram Story from them. If he really doesn’t care about you anymore, why would he care about what you post? Here are 11 reasons why your ex would view your Instagram Story, even if you think he’s over you.

  1. It was an accident. We’ve all been there. You’re watching someone’s Story but haven’t clicked away in time and end up watching someone else’s Story. That, or you clicked on the wrong one in the first place. Most of the time, it’s no big deal. But if you fell out with someone and then accidentally landed on their Story, they might think you’re snooping or trying to cause drama. So, if it was only a one-off view on  your Instagram Story from your ex, give him grace and assume it was a mistake.
  2. He just watches everyone’s Stories. Some people don’t assign a deeper meaning to a view of someone’s Instagram Stories —
    and they might not even realize Instagram lets you know they saw it. Your ex might just be one of those people who views everything that pops up on Instagram just because it’s there.
  3. He’s just nosy. He might be over you, but he’s the type of person who likes to know what’s going on in everyone’s life – regardless of their place in his. So, the fact that you’ve broken up isn’t enough to deter him. He just likes to be in the loop so he keeps a close eye on everyone else’s social media too.
  4. He wants to know how you’re doing. If he’s watching almost all of your Instagram Stories then it was no accident. If you ended on good terms — but not good enough where you would regularly chat and meet up — your ex views your Instagram Story to see how you are and what’s going on in your life.
  5. He’s feeling nostalgic. If your ex was a pretty good guy, then giving your Instagram Story a view isn’t sinister, although it might make you feel uncomfortable and confused. He might have been looking back at a certain period of his life and wanted to see you for old time’s sake. This phase should pass, it doesn’t mean he’s not actually over you, we all like to reminisce sometimes.
  6. He wants to get back together. There’s also a possibility that he’s not actually over you as much as he seemed to be. So, he’s watching your Story to suss out your relationship status and to see if he should make a move again. The fact that he can’t help himself shows he hasn’t let you go.
  7. He’s jealous. Maybe you never saw or heard from your ex again after the breakup, but now that you’re dating again, there’s always a view on your Instagram Story from him. He might have thought he had moved on, and convinced you he moved on, but seeing that you did triggered something in him. At some point, most of us have lurked on an ex’s page until coming across something that stung so this isn’t necessarily abnormal – but it isn’t healthy to seek out things you know will upset you.
  8. He’s petty. If you didn’t end on good terms and you know he’s a petty person, constantly watching your Instagram Stories might be sadistic. If you’re pretty much no contact, it might be his only access to your life and he’s hoping to see that you’re struggling without him. Consider blocking him so he doesn’t get the satisfaction – or at least, if you’re venting, only give access to your close friends on Instagram.
  9. He’s waiting for drama. If you broke up because your ex isn’t a great guy, then he might view your Instagram Story looking for the opportunity to stir the pot. He might be over you in a romantic sense, but he hasn’t fully let go of you yet – especially if you did the dumping and he’s the type of guy who wants revenge. If you so much as hint about the breakup, moving on, or allude to an unnamed ex being toxic, then he’ll swoop in and cause all sorts of drama. You know him well enough to know if this is something he’s capable of, so be careful and consider blocking him. After all, we’re too old for petty drama.
  10. He wants to intimidate you. Again, while he might be over you in a romantic sense, he’s not in a place yet where he can fully let you go and move on with your life. He gives your Instagram Story a view to remind you that he’s still around and to mess with you as you’re trying to heal. If you know your ex is the type of person to mess with people, you might need to go full no-contact and block him.
  11. He wants to make you jealous. Finally, your ex might view your Instagram Story because he hopes you’ll take the bait and lurk on his Instagram in response… and see that he’s doing just fine without you. So again, this means he’s not as over you as he initially let on. He doesn’t want to get back together, but he’s trying to show you what he thinks you lost.
Aisling is a 20-something year old Irish writer who is the life and relationship guru of her social circle. She loves music, movies, and coffee.