Why You Should Date The Girl Who Appreciates The Little Things

Not every woman needs grand gestures and over-the-top romantic moments. Sure, some of us might appreciate flowers and rose petal trails to the bedroom, but sometimes it’s the minor details (like putting the coffee disc in the machine for us in the morning) that we focus our appreciation on more. Dating a low maintenance romantic has a lot of benefits — here’s why you should date the girl who appreciates the little things:

  1. Her affection is genuine. Whenever she steals a kiss from you or snuggles up to you in the couch, it’s because she truly cares about you. It wasn’t inspired by something you bought her or how much you spend on her. She appreciates the small kindnesses and pays attention to the little things you do to make her smile, and for that, she genuinely loves you.
  2. She’s not with you for personal gain. She’s not dating you because of how much money you have in the bank, or because you can afford the new clutch she’s desperate for. She’s with you for you. She won’t be easily impressed by high valued items or dates; instead she would rather go to a dive café that has the best foods in town than high end places with VIP bottle service. As long as she’s spending time with you, she doesn’t really care about the luxuries.
  3. She enjoys simplicity. The simple things keep her happy. Grocery shopping together, helping her move the couch so she can rearrange the living room and picking up her favorite treat on your way to see her — these are all things she will beam about and feel real excitement about. She likes people who are thoughtful in a simplistic way, because that’s who she is, too.
  4. You won’t go broke dating her. This should go without saying, but let’s face it: some women are only impressed by men who are willing to opening their wallets. They think that signs of interest and genuine feelings for her are dictated by how much a man spends and not by what he does for her. But the girl who appreciates the little things is the exact opposite. She won’t care that you’re not eating lobster or that the wine came from a box. She’s low maintenance.
  5. She’s appreciative. She’ll thank you for the things you do for her and will make you feel truly appreciated and cared about. She won’t be bitching at you for what you don’t do for her and instead will be focusing on the sweet things that you do. This girl would rather a hand-picked daisy on your evening stroll than have a dozen long-stemmed roses delivered to her office.
  6. She’ll remember and reciprocate the details. She loves to give back and pays attention to the little details about you. She remembers what you like and your daily habits and will reciprocate your efforts by making small gestures back to make your days a little easier and to see a smile on your face. She likes to make other people happy and that’s because she’s genuinely happy herself.
  7. She won’t be easily upset by things. Because she appreciates small tokens of thoughtfulness, she also isn’t the type to kick up fits about little and petty things, either. She’d rather focus on the happy positives than dwelling on the minor negatives. It’s because she appreciates all the small things along the way that she isn’t as easily fazed by nuisances.
  8. She’s all-around happier. Being around her is truly a joy. Because she’s the type of woman who likes the simplicities and relishes in the small things, she’s just all around more positive, which makes being around her fun. You don’t have to overthink ways to make her happy, or mastermind ways to impress her because she’s just genuinely happy to be with you.