Why You Should Stay Single For As Long As Possible

These days, it’s sometimes harder to stay single than it is to be in a relationship, but there are some very good reasons you should keep rolling solo for as long as possible. Consider this.

  1. The longer you’re single, the more time you have to develop good habits. When you’re single and living by yourself (or even with a roommate), you’re forced to rely on yourself. You have to pay your own bills, do your own chores, and make your own phone calls. There’s no one to split up the day-to-day responsibilities with, and the longer you do it on your own, the better a partner you’ll be to someone. When it happens, you’ll know how to do all the hard stuff and you definitely won’t need anyone to do it for you.
  2. The longer you’re single, the more you can learn about yourself. Use the time you’re single to do whatever you want! This is the time to travel, take a job out of state or an internship in another country. People with more life experience are way more fun to date anyway! Gather some life experience under your belt before you settle down with someone. It will make you a better partner in the long run.
  3. The longer you’re single, the fewer regrets you’ll have. If you don’t do everything you want to do in life now, you risk regretting not having done it later. This ranges all the way from dancing on a bar doing tequila shots to landing that big promotion! Get everything out of the way that you want to do while you still have the opportunity. Take this time to focus on accomplishing your goals and experiencing everything you want to experience in life.
  4. The longer you’re single, the more you’ll know what you want. When you take the time to really decide what you want out of life and out of a relationship, you’ll know exactly what your deal breakers are in the future, and that will definitely save you a heartbreak or two! You’ll also know what you want out of life. Whether that’s a big house and white picket fence and 2.5 children, or a fancy high rise apartment in a big city and a six-figure salary, you’ll know you’re on track to your goals. When you know that, its easy to make sure that your potential significant other fits (and hopefully shares!) those goals.
  5. The longer you’re single, the easier your breakups will be. When you’ve been single long enough, any breakups you experience in the future won’t be as difficult because you’ll be going to back to what you know. You’re comfortable on your own! You have an established base, so to speak, and that’s something that even the hardest breakup can’t take away from you.
  6. The longer you’re single, the more time you have to develop a support system outside of the relationship. If you take your time to focus on friends, family, and co-workers when you’re on your own, you should have a solid support system. It’s important to have friends to rely on at any point in your life, especially when you’re going through a hard time. A partner can’t always be everything for you, so remember to reach out to your friends too!
  7. The longer you’re single, the older you get. Maybe you think that’s a bad thing but in reality, the older you are, the more settled in your ways you become. By the time you reach your thirties, you usually know what you want and your personality and dreams don’t change as much as they do in your teens and twenties. We all know the pair of high school sweethearts that we hoped would make it until they were old and gray, but the fact of the matter is that most people change. Unless you get lucky and both change in the same way, you’re likely to drift apart. Therefore, it might be better to wait until you’re really settled within yourself, who you are, and what you want before settling down with someone else.
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