Wife Turns Off WiFi Every Time Husband Goes To The Bathroom With His Phone

Remember going to the bathroom back in the day before smartphones, when you just had to settle for reading the back of the shampoo or soap bottle while you did your business? These days, we have the internet to keep us company (and often keep us distracted) when we’re on the pot. One woman got so frustrated with her husband’s long bathroom sessions that she’s started to turn the WiFi off every time he goes in there.

The woman shared her story on Reddit. Taking to the AITA sub, the anonymous woman shared her frustrations with her husband’s bathroom habits. As the parents of twins that are less than a year old, she’s fed up with the fact that every time she asks her husband to do anything for the babies, whether it’s feeding them or changing their diapers, he always goes to the bathroom first and stays there for a long time.

The husband is on medication but uses it as an excuse. The woman did mention that her husband does occasionally take medication which he claims keeps him in the bathroom longer, but when his doctor suggested he come in for a checkup, the husband brushes it off and refuses, saying it’s “not that bad.”

His average bathroom trip is 25 minutes. According to the wife, the husband has been spending “more and more time” in the bathroom and always takes his phone. Apparently he spends a lot of time in there watching YouTube and the wife is most frustrated at feeding time since one of the babies’ health needs means she can’t double feed. “We will get up, I will warm up bottles, change one baby bum, get the first one fed, burped, and laid down in their crib, get the other baby changed and be settling down to feed baby number two before he can be bothered to emerge and figure out why one child has been screaming because they had to watch their sibling eat,” she wrote.

She’s started keeping count. According to the wife’s estimation, over a period of 10 days, there were only two occasions in which the husband didn’t ditch her to head to the bathroom with his phone. Generally speaking, she believes she does about 80% of the childcare because of his antics.

The WiFi gets turned off when he’s in there longer than 10 minutes. The wife has started doing a countdown and when her husband spends longer than 10 minutes in the bathroom when he goes there following her asking for his help, she flips the WiFi off and she wants to know if she’s an a-hole for it. Definitely not! However, I have to mention that the husband presumably has a data connection on his phone, so it’s unlikely this actually hinders his browsing habits.

He gets plenty of downtime, so what’s his point? The wife is quick to point out that the husband plays video games for hours a day on a PC on the other side of the house. He also gets plenty of time to work on his car, so there’s no way he’s as burnt out as his wife is. What kinda jerk is this guy? A big one, and pretty much everyone agrees that they’ll soon be headed for divorce.

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