Will He Miss Me When I’m Gone? Signs He’ll Be Lost Without You

You know your relationship has just about run its course and you’re sick of putting up with your obnoxious/deadbeat/abusive/commitment-phobe/[insert your negative adjective here] boyfriend. You plan on making a clean break and never looking back, but that won’t necessarily be the case for your soon-to-be ex. Will he miss you when you’re gone? If any of these things are true, he’s going to be totally lost without you and wish he never let you go. His loss!

You do pretty much everything for him.

If you do his laundry, make his lunches for work, do all the chores, pay all the bills, and basically take care of every responsibility there is in life and in your relationship, it’s obvious that he’s going to miss you when you’re gone. Who’s going to do all that stuff for him once you leave him in the dust? Looks like he’ll finally have to get off his butt and start living his own life.

He expects you to make all the decisions.

Maybe you choose where and what you eat, your vacation destinations, even when to move onto certain relationship milestones while he sits idly by and just sort of goes along with it all. He never really seems against any of the decisions you make, but he never seems particularly for them either. It’s as if he’s just happy to not have to be an active participant in your relationship. That’s definitely not going to fly with any other woman and it’s no longer flying with you. He’ll miss you when you’re gone because again, he’ll be forced to take some accountability for his life.

He’s always trying to tear you down.

It might not seem like a guy who’s constantly ragging on you cares about you all that much, but in fact, it’s reverse psychology in action. In many ways, he tries to tear you down because he realizes a) you’re an incredible woman with so much to offer the world and so much going for you and b) he knows he’s not worthy of you. There’s no doubt he’s going to miss you when you’re gone because you’re the best thing he’s ever had.

He has a jealous streak.

If he freaks out anytime you so much as talk to the male cashier at the grocery store, he obviously has an issue with jealousy. He knows you’re hot property and is terrified of losing you because he thinks someone could take you away from him. Little does he realize that the only thing pushing you away is his behavior. He’ll realize once you’re no longer there, but then it’ll be too late.

You’re the main breadwinner.

It sounds terrible to say, but like many of the items listed here, this comes down to his own selfishness. If he’s unemployed or has a minimum wage job while you’re in a proper, well-paid career and you tend to take care of a lot of the money side of things in your relationship, it’s going to hit him like a ton of bricks when you leave him in the dust. So be it! The last thing you need is a deadbeat boyfriend.

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