This Wine Advent Calendar Lets You Enjoy A Different Bottle Every Day Before Christmas

Advent calendar season is upon us, and while many are full of chocolates and other candies, personally, I’m a bigger fan of this wine advent calendar. The Tipsy Tree is available from First4Hampers and not only is the tree itself an adorable 3D wooden display for your wine bottles, it offers so much more.

It comes with all the wine! The Tipsy Tree wine advent calendar covers the 1st to the 24th of December and comes with 24 mini wine bottles for you to try a different one each day. Because you fill the calendar yourself, you can decide which bottle goes in which day depending on which you’re most keen to try, but First4Hampers promises all the wine is some of the finest from around the world.

It’s reusable, so you can fill it up every year. While many advent calendars are meant to be used once and then thrown away, the Tipsy Tree wine advent calendar can literally be used over and over again. Of course, you’ll have to stock it up with your own wine after this year, but that just gives you even more chance to customize it to your personal tastes.

It’s an adorable Christmas decoration. Most advent calendars aren’t necessarily meant to be displayed, but the tree design makes this a perfect centerpiece on a dining room table or mantelpiece and it will fit in perfectly with the rest of your holiday decorations.

Now for the bad news… Unfortunately, First4Hampers can only ship the Tipsy Tree wine advent calendar as well as the wine it comes with to EU countries, so if you live in the US, Canada, or anywhere outside of the European Union, you won’t be able to get this just yet. For those that are eligible to purchase, it will run you £85 which is a total bargain, I think!

wine advent calendarFirst4Hampers

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