Wine Condoms Are A Thing & They’ll Keep Your Wine Fresher For Longer

No, we’re not talking about wine-flavored condoms (though I’m sure that’s totally a thing somewhere or soon will be). Instead, we’re talking about condoms for your wine bottles. It sounds crazy but it just might be the most genius invention ever.

They look like condoms but they’re not. Seriously, please don’t try to use these as actual condoms. They are not meant to be used on dudes’ junk for multiple reasons, not least because they’re way too small. They’re a novelty gift made for wine bottles, end of story.

They keep your opened bottles of wine fresher for way longer. Because the wine condoms have shrink to fit technology, they create an airtight seal around your wine bottle to preserve the flavor and the freshness until you’re ready to finish it. It’ll also ensure your wine doesn’t spill if the bottle tips over, which is always a good thing.

They’re reusable and therefore environmentally friendly. They’re made of 100% rubber and latex mix, meaning you don’t need to toss them after you use them once. You can keep them and use them time and time again, which means they’re good for the environment too.

Apparently celebrities love these things too. According to the creators behind Wine Condoms, celebs from Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy to Sharon Stone and Mila Kunis have used and loved them. Obviously there’s no way of verifying that, but let’s just take it at face value. Those ladies all have a great sense of humor, so why wouldn’t they have some?

They have over 400 positive reviews on Amazon, so they must be good. They’re fun and functional and they actually do what they claim they can, so everyone who’s purchased through Amazon seems pretty pleased with it. Over 400 people can’t be wrong, right? (And frankly, for about $14 for a pack of six, it’s worth taking the chance on.)

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