Wine-Flavored Gin Exists Now To Double Your Drinking Fun

You love wine and you love gin, depending on the occasion. Maybe after a long day at work you like to relax with a glass of Cabernet but when you hit the local bar you’re all about G&Ts. Well, what if you combine what you love about both drinks into one bottle? Now you can, because Firebox is selling wine-flavored gin liqueur* in three different varieties.

  1. There’s literally a wine-flavored gin for everyone. Made under the Uncommon Drinks label, Firebox’s wine-flavored gin liqueurs are available in Red Wine, White Wine, and Rosé Wine varieties, so whatever shade of fermented grapes if your fav, there’s guaranteed to be a bottle for you. SWEET.
  2. It packs an alcoholic punch but it’s still pretty low. While actual gin has an ABV of around 40% and wine is anywhere from 5% to 10%, these wine-flavored gin liqueurs clock in at a 20% ABV so it’s moderately low alcohol and won’t get you wasted quite as quickly (which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your outlook).
  3. The descriptions sound pretty amazing, to be fair. If you’re not convinced that wine-flavored gin could actually be any good, think again. Red wine gin is described as “rich berry aromas meet moreish juniper flavors” while the white wine gin is “sweet grape aromas and zesty citrus meets bold juniper flavors.” Finally, rosé is perhaps the most classic with “sweet fruity aromas remixed with classic dry gin flavors.”
  4. You can drink them however you’d like. Whether you have specific cocktail recipes in mind to make with these or you just want to get creative and try making up your own as you go along, you totally can. The sky is the limit here, people, so dream big!
  5. Unfortunately, you can only get this in the EU for now. Sadly, the wine-flavored gin of your dreams can only be shipped within the European Union at the moment, so if you live elsewhere, you’ll need to pray for an overseas release or find a friend who lives here who’s willing to ship it to you. You can order yours on the Firebox website HERE.

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