This Wine Tote Turns Into A Mini Picnic Table For Ultimate Summer Fun

As the days become longer and warmer, I’m all about spending every possible second outside, soaking up the sun, breathing in some fresh air (as fresh as possible in Brooklyn), and generally livin’ my best life. That’s going to be a whole lot easier this summer now that I’ve ordered one of these picnic table wine carriers* from Uncommon Goods. Seriously, where has this clearly necessary accessory been all my life?!

  1. It’s literally two different products in one. It’s a wine carrier, making it easy to transport your bottles of white along with your other picnic must-haves out to the park, a friend’s back yard, or wherever else you’re going easily and in style. Once you get where you’re going, it also transforms into a mini picnic table to serve it all on. How amazing is that?!
  2. It’s not just cute, it’s functional. Yes, it looks amazing because it’s made of cherry wood, but it also serves an important purpose: keeping your food and drinks off the ground where ants and other bugs might be tempted to have a feast of their own. Just take your food and drinks out of the wine carrier and extend the legs on the picnic table and there you go!
  3. Better yet, it’s personalized. As if this couldn’t get any better, your wine carrier picnic table also comes personalized with your name on it, giving it an extra bit of kistch and adorability (yes, that’s totally a word). When you order, you simply put in the name of your choice and it will come with a personalized wood panel on the front.
  4. All of the wine carrier picnic tables are made by hand. Designer Mike Blaschka makes these by hand in Jacksonville, Oregon, sawing and sanding all of the pieces manually for the most special piece ever. It would even make a great gift for someone you know and love who appreciates a nice day in the outdoors.
  5. You can order yours from Uncommon Goods HERE. They cost $180, which may seem like a hefty price but it’s certainly well worth it. I can’t wait to get mine!

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