Woman Who Spent $15,000 To Achieve Real-Life Barbie Look Dissolving Fillers Because They Make Her Look ‘Old’

An Instagram model who shelled out more than $15,000 to achieve a real-life Barbie look has decided to dissolve her facial fillers because they make her look “older” and she doesn’t recognize herself anymore. Candice Kloss, 21, now wants to embrace a more natural beauty and hopes her 65,000 Instagram followers will be into it.

  1. Kloss is Brazilian and Japanese. She’s always been beautiful, as evidenced in photos of the model before she started having fillers. However, insecurities about her appearance led her to undergo extensive cosmetic procedures to change herself.
  2. She had fillers in her cheeks, jaw, and lips. She’s since decided that all of them need to go since she almost forgets what she looked like before them. She also claims that she’s tired of looking “fake.”
  3. She believes the fillers were actually hurting her career prospects. While many in the modeling industry appreciate fillers and other, less naturally achievable aesthetics, Kloss believes it was working against her. “In September 2021, I had the fillers that were in my lips, cheeks, and jawline all removed,” she said. “I realized that it wasn’t enhancing my beauty to continue to get this kind of work, it was making me look older having so much in my face.”
  4. Kloss warned other women not to fall into the same trap. She realizes that other young women often go to fillers and it becomes addictive to the point that they don’t know when to stop. “A lot of young women get filler but we don’t realize when it’s gone too far,” she said, as per the Daily Mail. “I spent years looking fake but now I want to be a natural beauty. Now that I’ve got rid of it I feel so much better. I had forgotten what my face looked like without filler!”
  5. She’s still keeping her other enhancements. While Kloss did decide to get rid of the fillers, she’s still doing her makeup the same and believes it looks better than before. “Every month I spend around $2,000 getting my hair bleached and extensions added in, both of which can take around seven hours to complete at a time,” she revealed. “To keep the ‘doll look’ I love to wear anything white or pink that is pretty and girly. I don’t wear things like baggy jeans or oversized clothing, unflattering clothes like that should only be worn at home.” It seems to be working for her!

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