Woman Admits Sending Herself Drinks From Fake Admirers On First Dates To Seem More Desirable

A TikTok star and podcast host has revealed that she engages in a bit of trickery when out with a guy on a first date. Sofia Franklyn admitted in a now-viral video that she often buys herself drinks that she pretends are from nonexistent admirers to prove to her date that she’s in high demand. Needless to say, not everyone was impressed with the move.


Men love some healthy competition 🙂

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It’s all about reminding them she’s got options. In the video, which has nearly three million views at the time of writing, Sofia wrote: “When I ‘got to the bathroom’ and pay the bartender to send me an ‘anonymous’ shot so my date remembers I have options.” She added that “men love some healthy competition.”

She’s gone further than a drink as well. In the comments section, Sofia admitted that she’s “def sent myself flowers a time or two” and instructed other women that “this can work in many situations. The world is your oyster ladies.”

Lots of women were inspired by Sofia’s confession. A few commenters branded her an “icon” while another said she was going to try the same move herself on her next date. Sofia responded to one commenter who described this as “the art of seduction” and insisted it’s actually about “creating love triangles” to get the guy she wants.

Not everyone was impressed, of course. One commenter was furious, writing: “Why is this not considered toxic?” Another added. “How is this not embarrassing to ask for? OMG I don’t think I could.” Another person branded her “a bit insecure.

What do you think? Would you try something like this or does it seem like bad behavior that shouldn’t be encouraged?


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