Woman Beat Husband With Belt After Catching Him Having A ‘Pleasure Session’

Woman Beat Husband With Belt After Catching Him Having A ‘Pleasure Session’ Marion County Jail

A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly beating her husband with a belt after she “caught him watching pornography on his phone and masturbating,” a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun reveals. Angela Davis, 30, was charged with felony battery after the incident with her 51-year-old victim at their home in Summerfield on Tuesday morning.

  1. Davis admitted that she and her husband had “gotten into an altercation.” It all stemmed from Davis interrupting her husband in the midst of a pleasure session in which he was rubbing one out to adult films he was watching on his phone. At that point, she “became angry and asked to see his phone.” That’s when things got violent.
  2. She claims her husband was talking to someone else online. It wasn’t the porn that upset Davis, she said, but the fact that she “discovered some sort of communication between the victim and someone on the website Reddit.” After a “verbal altercation,” Davis then made things physical.
  3. Davis seriously assaulted her husband. At one point, Davis “wrapped a leather belt with a large metal buckle around her fist.” Her husband took out his phone to dial 911 and she knocked his phone from his hand before striking him several times on his arms and back with the belt.
  4. Police noticed the victim had been left with marks. A patrolman wrote that he saw “several red marks across the back of the victim” along with a “large raised red lump” on his arm that had “very good detail and appeared to be the buckle of a belt.”
  5. Davis eventually admitted everything. When questioned by police, Davis “confirmed she had found the victim watching pornography on his cell phone and masturbating” and “had gotten upset.” However, she said she hit her husband with the belt to “protect herself” when they got into a short struggle. However, police noticed that she was the “primary aggressor” and she was arrested.
  6. She’ll be arraigned on June 14. After being booked into Marion County jail, Davis posted the $1,000 bond and was released following a future court appointment.
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