Woman Makes A Whole Outfit Out Of Bread To Feed The Pigeons With

Many people consider pigeons to be pests, but not TikToker Minnie. She’s a sea turtle veterinarian by trade, so you already know she’s an animal lover. On one of her days off, she decided to make friends with her local flock. Most of the time, pigeons aren’t all that into hanging out with humans… unless they have food. That’s why Minnie decided to make herself an entire outfit full of bread to endear herself to them.


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  1. What pigeon could resist an outfit made of bread? To really take things to the max, Minnie taped slices of bread to her stomach, arms, legs, and even her head to try and entice the pigeons. She then strutted on over towards the pond where the birds like to hang out. It was a winning plan, to be sure!
  2. Surprise! The pigeons loved it. While what Minnie did next would be considered a nightmare to some, she had no qualms with lying down on the ground by the pond and waiting for the pigeons to come to her. Incidentally, it didn’t take long before they did just that! The birds began to wander over and peck at her, eating away at the tasty treats on offer (the bread, of course).
  3. Passers-by were a little taken aback. As you can imagine, seeing a woman with bread strapped to her body being devoured by pigeons isn’t something you come across every day, but Minnie didn’t mind! Let them look – she was at one with nature!
  4. Needless to say, the experiment was a success. While it’s unlikely she’ll be trying it again anytime soon, Minnie had a lot of fun with the pigeons and her bread suit and the pigeons also got a nice meal out of it that should keep them full for a while. And hey, we got a laugh by watching the video!
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