Woman Calls For ‘Adults-Only’ Suburb For People Who Are ‘Evil And Hate Kids’

An Australian TikToker says there should be such a thing as “adult-only” suburbs where people who can’t stand kids and don’t want them around can live in peace. The woman, known as Baby Soja, shared a video on the platform in which she lamented having to listen to loud, screaming kids in her neighborhood. “I know I’m evil but they’re SO loud please I want peace and quiet are there adults-only pools in Melbourne??” she captioned the clip. Perhaps unsurprisingly, not everyone was on board with the idea.

If you’re someone who’s never liked kids and hate that they seem to be everywhere, you’ll relate to Soja. She starts her video by saying, “I would like to know when somebody is planning on opening an adults-only suburb.” Very good question!

Soja had just come from a swimming pool where she thought she’d enjoy a relaxing swim. Instead, there were a ton of kids “jumping in and screaming.” She went on to say she was “so sick of going places and kids are just everywhere screaming and I just have to put up with it.”

This led her to wish that there was an adults-only suburb “for people like me that are evil and hate kids” so they can “just be quiet and undisturbed.

A lot of people think adults-only suburbs should be just the beginning


I know im evil but theyre SO loud please i want peace and quiet are there adults only pools in melbourne?? #fyp #kidfree #childfree

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It’s clear she’s not alone in that line of thinking, as the video has more than 33,000 likes. Even people who have their own kids were on Soja’s side, with one person writing, “As a parent of two small children, I completely understand what you’re saying and respect that childfree people need space too.” Another chimed in, “I get this because I want more adult only spaces that aren’t centered around alcohol or just for the night time.”

Other people said that an adults-only suburb was just the beginning. Others suggested there should be more kid-free hotels, restaurants, and cafes. One person even joked that they want a day at Disney World that’s free of children.

However, not all of the nearly 4,000 comments are positive. The naysayers, of course, all seem to be parents. “You used to be a kid mate..ya know. So get over getting older,” one commenter wrote. Another told her to “go live in Antarctica.”

In a follow-up video, Soja was amused that her ‘off-the-cuff joke video I made in the car park of the gym” had gone viral and gotten national news coverage in Australia. She clarified that she wasn’t saying kids shouldn’t be allowed anywhere ever, but that there should be more places for adults only to go.


Replying to @Serephina LMaooo so many people pressed in the comments like soz that some people dont want to be around kids 24/7. Im not saying kids shouldnt be alllwed at the pool itd just be nice if there were more places that were JUST for adults to enjoy and that includes parents wanting a break from their kids too chillll πŸ€ŒπŸΌπŸŒΉπŸ‘„πŸ˜Œ #fyp #melbourne #childfree #naarm

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