Woman Found Naked From The Waist Down Claimed Snakes Ate Her Pants

A Pennsylvania woman found naked from the waist down told police that snakes had eaten her pants, according to a court filing obtained by the Smoking Gun. Gloria Harpel, 35, was taken into custody shortly after.

  1. Police received several 911 calls about the woman. Concerned citizens phoned about a half-dressed woman seen walking in the middle of the road. That woman was later identified as Harpel, who officers found “naked from the waist down and she was rambling.”
  2. Harpel wasn’t entirely sober. Police suspected Harpel of using narcotics, which would explain why she first claimed that she left her pants in a storm drain before changing her story to say that “snakes had eaten them.”
  3. She was in a pretty bad state by the time she was found. Officers said in their arrest report that Harpel was “sweating profusely” and “making nonsensical outbursts” when they found her. Whatever she had taken clearly didn’t agree with her and it was lucky officers arrived to intervene before she ended up hurt or even dead.
  4. Harpel was arrested and booked into the Montgomery County jail. She was charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness, all of which are misdemeanors. No further information was available as to when Harper was next due in court or whether she was released.
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