Woman Claims Her Husband “Won’t Eat” Unless She Feeds Him

Dealing with picky eaters can be a frustrating experience, especially when you’re the one doing the majority of the cooking. However, you’d expect the situation to be largely confined to feeding kids. When it’s another adult who refuses to pull their weight in the kitchen but still has something to say about the meals that are being made, that’s a whole other issue.

TikToker Briana Greenfield (@themamabrianna) said in a recent video that her husband refused to eat a salmon dinner she’d made for the family so she went back to the kitchen and made him nachos and served it to him on the couch where he sat. The video immediately went viral, but not necessarily for a good reason.

In the video, Brianna says she doesn’t blame her husband for being “picky.” It’s all his mom’s fault because she never introduced him to salmon when he was younger. While it’s ridiculous enough that she had to make a second meal simply because her husband didn’t like what she made the first time, people were angry at her next statement: that her husband wouldn’t eat unless she fed him.


Moral of the story: always serve your kids allllll the food, even if they say they dont like it after the first time. 25 years from now your child’s spouse will thank you. 😉 #momsoftiktok #momtok #momlife #workingmom #sahm #marriedlife #marriage #marriagehumor #wifelife #wivesoftiktok #happywifehappylife #pickyeater #pickyhusband #nachosfordinner #wivesoftiktok #cuisinartairfryer #humpday #guesswhatdayitis🐪 #guesswhatdayitis #eattherainbow

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She believes that the moral of the story (and the way to avoid a lazy, ungrateful partner who’s incapable of doing anything for himself, apparently) is to serve them all kinds of different cuisines when they’re young so they’ll eat anything.

“Moral of the story: Always serve your kids alllll the food, even if they say they don’t like it after the first time. 25 years from now, your child’s spouse will thank them.”

Or, you could teach your child to be self-sufficient and to provide for themselves rather than expecting everyone around them to cater to their whims and wait on them hand and foot! That seems like a pretty valuable lesson to me!

“The man’s own hairline didn’t stick by him, but you did,” one commenter quipped. Another was a bit more direct with their criticism, writing, “Sorry, my inner beast would come up… ‘Then go ahead and STARRVVEE!!!”

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