Woman Discovers Major Red Flags In Her Date’s Apartment — Yikes!

A woman on TikTok shared several red flags she discovered in the apartment of the man she’s dating, including two pregnant books and a woman’s ring. In a clip shared to her account, Devin, who goes by @discoveringdevin, went through a list of the concerning things she found while over at the guy’s place recently. Needless to say, it did raise some questions.


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  1. The guy had four laptops. In the clip, Devin showed four Apple MacBooks all stacked on top of each other on a desk. “Four laptops… what are you hiding?” she captioned the photo. It’s normal to have one laptop, maybe two if you have a separate computer for work, but four? That does seem excessive.
  2. Things got creepier from there. Devin then noted what appeared to be a “girl’s ring” on a white shelf, as well as two copies of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. “I don’t have words…” she wrote. Frankly, neither do I. Why would a single guy want or need this book, let alone two copies of it? It seems he has something to hide.
  3. The guy did have plenty of green flags, to be fair. Not long before her red flags video, Devin posted one showing off all the great things about her date’s place, from the fact that he had a Nespresso machine with plenty of pods to an actual bed frame and “thriving” plants. As she said at the time: “Two thumbs up for this guy.”
  4. People have noted the connections between his red and green flags. All of the great stuff about his apartment makes a lot more sense to many of Devin’s followers now. Healthy plants? A coffee machine? No straight guy is usually on top of life like this, so there must already be a woman in his life. “Now this makes the thriving plants and a selection of coffee pods a red flag,” one person remarked. “There has to be girls’ clothes somewhere in the closet.” Another suggested: “I think he’s engaged… the green flags make sense now… there’s a woman taking care of those plants.”
  5. It’s all a bit of a mystery. Devin told The Independent that she took the red flags video after their third date but she’s still unsure what to make of it. “Everyone has their own interpretations of what they deem to be warning signs or red flags, and it’s been interesting seeing what others in the comments have been saying,” she said. “It’s become this big mystery that everyone is trying to solve and although many people have made some good guesses, not one person has solved it.”
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