Woman Disgusted After Discovering Husband Has Been Collecting His Diarrhea In Jars

While everyone has their own strange quirks, a woman on Reddit has revealed that her husband’s ended up being a little too out there even for her. The post, going by the username “splurtsplurt,” revealed on the TrueOffMyChest sub that she recently discovered that her husband had been collecting jars of his own diarrhea and storing them in their kitchen cabinets.

  1. OP came across them by accident. In her post, the 24-year-old woman admitted that she’d only discovered the jars a few hours previous as she was cleaning the kitchen. She’d been dusting the top shelf which she couldn’t see the top of when she heard “the clanging of jars up there.” As she recalled: “I got out the step ladder and up there is fourteen jars filled to the brim with diarrhea and sealed with lids.”
  2. Her description of what she found was enough to turn anyone’s stomach. OP went on to share the “consistency” of what was stared in the jars, claiming that it “ranges from brown water to a thick black sludge (like a mixture of blended slugs), and the jars are arranged in order from most watery to most vicious.”
  3. So wait, how did she know it was diarrhea? We were all wondering the same thing, but as OP said, she “made the mistake of opening out [sic] and the stench is unmistakably the same as what he leaves behind in the bathroom.” She said it was so bad, she could “still feel it burning in the back of my throat.” Oh man, I’m gonna be sick!
  4. Her husband does suffer from IBS-D, but still. While his condition is described as “grim and gruesome” according to him, it still makes no sense that he stored his excrement in jars and put it in the kitchen cabinets. What in God’s name is happening here?
  5. OP confronted her husband about what she found. He denied it many times, at first claiming that it was “simply jars of jams gone bad.” However, she continued to insist that he tell her the truth. He did eventually admit it but instead of being contrite, he got angry and asked her what the big deal was.
  6. She tried to throw the jars in the trash. However, her husband, 42, then “physically tried to restrain” her by grabbing her wrist and hitting her in the side. Later that day, she noticed that the jars had been removed from the garbage and moved elsewhere.
  7. The man chose his jars of diarrhea over his wife. OP later updated the thread to say that she’d left the house to stay with her sister and planned to file for divorce. It wasn’t just because of his obsession with his jars of poo but also because he used physical force to restrain her from throwing it away. What a sad ending, but probably for the best. Here’s hoping the husband gets some mental health help, which he clearly needs.
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