Woman Who Dropped Everything To Move 9,000 Miles For Tinder Date Is Dumped 2 Weeks Later

A 27-year-old Australian woman gave up everything to move more than 9,000 miles away to Scotland to be with her boyfriend, only to realize that not everything was quite as it seemed. Stephanie Gorton met her now-ex-boyfriend on Tinder while traveling around her native country and they immediately hit it off. In fact, Stephanie was so smitten with the guy she believed was her Mr. Right that she quit her job and packed up her apartment before she was cruelly dumped out of nowhere, The Mirror reports.

  1. They dated long-distance before deciding to make the move. As the unnamed man continued to travel the world, Stephanie often went with him to various countries before they eventually decided that Stephanie would leave Australia and move to the man’s native Scotland.
  2. He stopped talking to her a month before she was due to move. They’d made grand plans for what they would do when Stephanie moved over and even discussed possible kids names, only for the man to basically drop off the face of the earth just a month before she was due to leave Australia for good.
  3. Stephanie was obviously freaked out. “In those four weeks, I was always trying to chase him up… I was even contacting his mum,” she recalled. “In hindsight, there were red flags all the way through. It wasn’t like it was the perfect relationship, there were trust issues… but I adored him. I thought it was love, and love ‘wasn’t supposed to be easy but you fight for it.’ That was my mentality.”
  4. The guy had already moved on to someone else. Stephanie admitted that her “heart and gut already knew” that her dream guy had turned into a nightmare, but it wasn’t until two weeks before she was due to fly to Scotland that she finally heard from him and was officially dumped.
  5. He claimed it was just “too hard.” Of all the excuses he could have given her, the guy claimed that he was calling things off because it was just “too hard.” He said, “Steph, it’s just too hard, it shouldn’t be this hard. If it’s hard now, it’s going to be even harder later. “You’re going to come over and have no friends. You’ll be relying on me and I am not in a good place financially [right now]. Let’s just take a step back and give it a bit more time.” Of course, the real story was that he’d been cozying up to a woman in South America, among others.
  6. Thankfully, she was able to get her job back. However, she was embarrassed after having to go back considering she’d raved about going off with the love of her life. “The worst part was, tail between my legs, going back to my job and to all the people who knew that I was supposed to be moving to Scotland in two weeks,” Stephanie recalled. “I was deeply ashamed.”
  7. All’s well that ends well, however. She eventually quit her job and decided to start her own business, which has been incredibly successful. She’s even found a new boyfriend named Tim who seems a lot more dedicated!

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