Woman Arrested For DWI Blames Brother For Feeding Her A ‘Meth Sandwich’

Woman Arrested For DWI Blames Brother For Feeding Her A ‘Meth Sandwich’ Hot Springs Police

A 29-year-old Arkansas woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated after failing sobriety tests during a recent traffic stop. Elizabeth Marie Catlett clearly had drugs in her system, but it wasn’t her fault. After all, she claims her brother actually “fed her a sandwich contaminated with meth.”

  1. She was originally pulled over for driving without headlights. A Hot Springs police officer pulled her over at about 6:30 p.m. on October 6, 2019 and then performed a search on the vehicle due to the overwhelming smell of weed. Not only that, but Catlett was said to be “moving about the vehicle in a quick, nervous manner.”
  2. Then came the excuses. The baggies found in Catlett’s pockets weren’t hers at all. They were put there by someone else, though she couldn’t explain who did it and how that was possible. Not only that, but she predicted that she might fail the sobriety test due to her brother, who she’d just visited in the hospital, feeding her a meth sandwich. As you do.
  3. It was apparent that Catlett is a regular drug user. While Catlett claimed that she previously did meth but didn’t anymore, The Sentinel-Record reports that the officer noticed that she had pretty major damage to her teeth as well as fresh track marks which were consistent with regular narcotics usage. Busted!
  4. It wasn’t long before the meth was located. Upon further search of the vehicle, police found plastic containers full of baggies and scraps of paper containing meth both from the driver’s seat and in a purse behind the driver’s seat.
  5. Catlett’s friend gave her up. It was 33-year-old passenger Don Russell Furr that really sealed the deal for these two. He told officers that there was “ICE” and a “meth shake” in the glovebox and outright admitted that the pair had taken the drug prior to visiting Catlett’s brother in the hospital. Damn, Don.
  6. She was charged soon after. This was Catlett’s first offense, but it was definitely a big one. After her arrest, she was charged with possession of meth and purpose to deliver, four counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, and a demeanor of driving while intoxicated. Together, those offenses carry up to 16 years behind bars. Furr was charged with the same.
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