Woman Fed Up With Looking For Love On Tinder Heads To Home Improvement Store Instead

An Australian woman who was having no luck finding love on Tinder decided to give up on dating apps and instead head where she thought there might be the biggest pool of eligible men: her local home improvement/DIY store. Leesh Cunningham from New South Wales visited her local Bunnings Warehouse looking for her Prince Charming, and her humorous adventure has since gone viral on TikTok.

  1. She even asks employees if they have any “Husbands-To-Go” in stock. Walking over to a Bunnings employee while walking around the shop, Cunningham says, “I’m just looking for a husband and was told you guys had them here.” The staff member totally took it in stride, replying: “They’re flying off the shelf, if we have any they’ll be in the back corner on the left.”
  2. People were immediately on board with this. The video immediately went viral on TikTok, where commenters showed their support for Cunningham’s plan and even added tips for upping her chances. “Got to be there between 6-8am and 5-9pm, that’s when the tradies get their supplies,” one person wrote. Another user added: “So my friends and I go to Bunnings and just lift the hood of our car and just stand against the car… thank us later.”
  3. Of course, she’s received plenty of responses. While Cunningham is counting on Bunnings to bring a husband her way, plenty of men who’ve seen her video responded and offered to take her on dates.
  4. Not all of the offers were appropriate or welcome, unfortunately. Her DMs may have been “blowing up” following the posting of the video, Cunningham said she’d received some pretty X-rated responses as well. One guy wrote: “Your Bunnings videos are hilarious. If you want to make one with a happy ending (you found your Christmas wish), I would be happy and honored to play the part.”
  5. Sadly, Cunningham is still single. She admitted that all the confident men who’d approached her as a result of the video were too old for her, so for now, she’s still on the market. Keeping hitting up Bunnings, girl – you never know!
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