Woman Heavily Fined By Airbnb Owner After Twerking Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong

A woman who decided to get wild at her Airbnb was left with a hefty bill to pay after her twerking stunt went terribly wrong. While attending a bachelorette weekend away, the woman was trying to impersonate Christina Aguilera in her “Dirrty” video, getting on her hands and knees while swinging her head back… and smashing her head on a disco ball light fitting.

The whole thing was caught on video. DJ Wayne David was apparently shown the video by the woman in it and given permission to share it on Twitter, where it’s since gone viral (and for good reason). The video ends as the ball shatters and glass falls around her.

You kind of just want to keep watching it! Even David himself said he couldn’t stop watching in horror. “A girl from a hen party who came to drag brunch today showed us this video from their Airbnb last night and I’ve watched it 763,876 times and I am deceased deceased deceased,” he captioned the clip. I agree! It’s too good to watch only once.

Airbnb doesn’t have any clear rules on how much this damage will have cost. However, the company does suggest that you work with the owner to try and negotiate a price that works for both people. “If your guest agrees to the amount you requested, we’ll release your payout in 5-7 business days,” the website reads. “If your guest declines or doesn’t respond within 72 hours, click contact us about your Resolution Centre case. If we need more information about the damaged or missing items, you’ll have 72 hours to provide it.

Reminder: behave yourself when you’re staying in an Airbnb! That’s someone’s property and while the damage her was no doubt accidental, it was also completely avoidable. When you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb, it’s probably better to be on your best behavior.

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