Woman Forced To Leave Mid-Lip Filler Session Because Her Bank Account Was Frozen

A woman on TikTok claimed she was forced to leave a lip filler session after her bank account was frozen by police. Hareem Shah said she was under investigation by authorities in Pakistan for posting a video of herself with two large stacks of cash, leading them to think she may be laundering money. Unfortunately, that proved to be a bit inconvenient.

  1. Shah only discovered her bank account was frozen mid-appointment. As she explained, she had no idea she couldn’t use her account until she received a call from the authorities. Because of it, she had to leave the appointment right away with only half of her lip done.
  2. She was in the UK at the time of the embarrassing mix-up. “I am in the UK right now. Today I went to the doctor to get my lip filler done,” she said as per India Today. “The doctor had just inserted a filler on one side of my lip when I received a call and I got to know that Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency has frozen my bank accounts.”
  3. She only took the cash out to spend overseas. While Shah did indeed pose with two stacks of cash on social media, she claims it was because she wanted spending money for while she was in the UK. She wanted to use cash because the Pakistani government had not “increased the value of Pakistani currency the way they have promised to.” It’s unclear why she couldn’t pay for her appointment with some of that cash, however…
  4. Shah wants the government to hold off the investigation. On Monday, she filed a petition against the FIA asking that they postpone any money laundering hearing until March 8, Metro reports. It was originally scheduled for January 19, but her lawyers said she wouldn’t be back in Pakistan in time.
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