Woman Devises’ Genius’ Way To Get Back At Ex After He Gets A New Girlfriend

A woman on TikTok claims to have devised a genius plan to get back at her ex who’s moved on to a new girlfriend, Amanda Hurd shared her revenge method in a 9-second clip that’s now been viewed more than 900,000 times, though not everyone is on board with her methods.


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It’s all about tricking your ex into fighting with his new girlfriend. In the clip, Amanda sips from a water bottle as the text overlay explains her plans. “Next time a guy asks you for your number, give him your ex’s number and tell him your name is your ex’s new girlfriend’s name,” she writes.

This is pretty much a surefire way to cause drama. If things went to plan, the ex in question would get into a fight with the new woman in his life because he’d believe she was giving her number to someone else even though they were in a relationship. Talk about drama!

Amanda clearly knows her suggestion is problematic, to say the least. As she concludes the video: “Start fights. Not relationships. Stay toxic.” Given that I’m pretty sure her suggestion is tongue-in-cheek, it does seem somewhat amusing… as long as you don’t take it seriously.

Many people actually loved Amanda’s suggestion. As one user wrote: “Well, if this isn’t the best dang advice I’ve gotten on this app.” Another added: “Genius of the world,” with a third vowing to “do this from here on out.”

Amanda claims she did actually try it herself. “He wasn’t happy,” she said of her ex. I would imagine not! Let’s be honest: the best way to get revenge on your ex is to move on and lift the best possible life for YOU. Don’t pay him a single bit of mind. That’s more torture than anything else.

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