Woman Hands Out ‘Dating Resumes’ To Attractive Men Because Apps Don’t Work

It’s hard out there for single women who want to find decent dates, and one woman on TikTok has had enough. Emily Zgoda, 27 and from San Diego, has revealed that she’s dropped out of dating apps and has instead taken to creating “dating resumes” to hand out to attractive men.


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  1. What’s on the resume? Basically, Emily’s just handing out physical copies of her dating app profiles. Given that matching on apps is very hit or miss, this is Emily’s way of taking matters into her own hands and showing eligible guys what she has to offer. She includes her age, hobbies, special skills, and of course her phone number.
  2. She’s her own wing man. That was the caption of her first video posted last month in which she handed out a picture of herself along with all the relevant info you might find on an online dating profile.
  3. Emily isn’t always successful. She admits that sometimes she’s given her “resume” to men who are already in relationships or ones who were too young, but it’s all part of the learning curve. “It’s a harsh reality that some of our generation relies on dating apps instead of meeting organically, and I have always had hopes of meeting someone in person,” she continued, saying most of the interactions have been positive,” she told BuzzFeed. “I figured this would be a good strategy to cut to the chase and meet someone in the wild.”
  4. People can’t get enough of Emily. She’s got nearly 30,000 people following along on her exploits, with many waiting with baited breath to see how successful Emily will be with this method. “This is literally the best thing on the internet,” one person commented. “You’re literally gonna meet your soulmate doing this.” Another added: “You are a friggen icon I’m crying.

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