Woman Hospitalized After Getting Extreme Wedgie From High-Cut Jean Shorts She Wore On Date

A 25-year-old North Carolina woman was feeling herself as she headed off on a date wearing high-cut shorts. However, Sam’s dream outfit soon turned into a nightmare when she ended up with an extreme wedgie that led to her being hospitalized and nearly dying. Yikes!


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  1. Sam ended up with cellulitis and sepsis. While cellulitis is a painful skin condition that’s no joke, it’s generally not deadly. However, sepsis is blood poisoning and can easily kill you if not treated immediately. She could have been killed by these shorts!
  2. So what actually happened? Basically, Sam wore a pair of short shorts on a date with her now-boyfriend and they kept going up her butt and giving her a wedgie all day. She kept trying to pull the wedgie out but it was still really uncomfortable. Since the date lasted pretty much all day, she wasn’t able to change at all and chose to just “ignore it and enjoy my time.”
  3. It wasn’t until a few days later that things got really bad. While Sam admits that she was immediately “very sore” in the area where the jean shorts had rubbed, it wasn’t until a couple days later that she “started feeling ill – just not 100%.” She then noticed a big bump that got more and more painful and started to throb.
  4. Sam went to the doctor but it was too late. He gave her antibiotics for a possible skin infection, but by that time, it had gone too far. “The very next morning, I was in septic shock and rushed to the ER by my mom. I was shivering, very breathless, could not walk, and had extreme body aches. They admitted me to the ICU, and that’s when I realized this was a bit more serious than I had anticipated. I was in the ICU for almost four days, where the doctors were debating debridement surgery (basically, cutting off the part of my butt that was infected),” she told Buzzfeed.
  5. Thankfully, Sam made a full recovery and is okay. She shared the story with her TikTok followers and has been shocked by how viral it’s gone. Let this be a warning not to wear uncomfortable and potentially dangerous clothes for the sake of looking cute!

Reply to @alyssakathryn1 #greenscreen THE SHORTS. Pls don’t judge me for how I dressed in 2017 hahahah

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