Woman Purposely Initiates Sex With Husband When He’s Exhausted To ‘Keep Things Balanced’

A fitness influencer has admitted that she often initiates sex with her husband when she knows he’s too tired or not in the mood in order to maintain balance in their relationship. Laura Henshaw revealed her “sex secrets” with husband Dalton on her Keep It Cleaner podcast, and many are amused at her admission.

Dalton has a higher sex drive than Laura. As is often the case in relationships, her husband is in the mood more often than she is. “So I’m often the one being like ‘No, I’m too tired,'” she admitted. Of course, it’s not right for her to always be the one turning down the chance for intimacy, so Laura has a plan.

Laura gives Dalton a taste of his own medicine. In order to keep things in their relationship from becoming “too unbalanced,” Laura knows when to kick her own libido into high gear. “So what I need to make sure I do so it’s not too unbalanced – I know he is so tired and he is not interested or he has a sore stomach or something and I’ve got no interest in having sex,” she revealed, laughing. “But I need to appear interested so I get a token when you say no to use against you next time.”

Dalton had no idea his wife did this. However, now that he’s in on the secret, he’s seeing it as a “genuine challenge.” He vowed: “Every time I’m going to rise up.” Maybe Laura should have kept her secret to herself!

People found the conversation hilarious. As one person wrote in the comments: “Also, can I admit I have done this too hahah.” Another added: “Laura!!! Don’t share our secrets.” Pretty much everyone saw the humor in the method, and it was pretty shocking to see how many women have actually tried this in their own relationships.

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