Florida Woman Arrested For Refusing To Leave Nonverbal Daughter’s Bedside At Hospital

A 70-year-old Florida woman was taken from her daughter’s Jacksonville hospital room in handcuffs after refusing to leave the nonverbal younger woman’s bedside after she suffered a stroke. Lynn Savage was arrested for going against COVID-19 rules by insisting on staying by daughter Amber’s side, and now she’s speaking out about the ordeal.

  1. Amber had to undergo brain surgery. Going to the hospital is scary for anyone, but for Amber, who is nonverbal, her long stay as she recovered from brain surgery following a stroke must have been even more frightening. Lynn insisted on staying by her side to act as her interpreter and to support her.
  2. No mother would want to leave their child in those circumstances. As Lynn told CBS News: “I could not in good conscience and good heart leave her bedside not knowing how she was going to make it through the night voluntarily. I stand by my actions 100 percent. I am not sorry that I made them take me out of there in handcuffs.”
  3. It wasn’t long before the police were called. When Lynn refused to listen to hospital staff when they asked her to leave Amber’s side, they called the cops, who showed up shortly after to take her out in handcuffs and book her into the county jail, where she spent the remainder of the day.
  4. Lynn is now facing a trespassing charge. She’s due to appear in court before a judge on October 20th. The second-degree misdemeanor charge of trespassing can carry up to 60 days in jail in Florida, though given Lynn’s age and the circumstances, it seems unlikely (or at least more reasonable that) she’ll get anything more than a slap on the wrist.

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