Woman Leaves Her Husband Of 14 Years Only To Be Rejected By Other Man

A woman revealed that she left her husband of 14 years for another man, only to be rejected by her “soulmate” after ending her marriage. Amanda Trenfield wrote a book about her experience entitled When A Soulmate Says No: A Memoir but online trolls are having a field day with her story.


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  1. An excerpt from the memoir was published in the Sydney Morning Herald. The part featured explained how Amanda met the man she described as the love of her life while on a trip wih her husband. “Over the course of the evening, my attraction to Jason developed. I soon became aware of his every breath and I unconsciously mirrored his pace,” she wrote.
  2. She was immediately attracted to Jason. She continued: “I caught myself, embarrassingly, looking at his chest through his slim-fitted white evening shirt. Yes, he had a fit, toned and attractive body, but was it his chest I was drawn to? At the hotel bar, Jason bought me a glass of my favorite rosé. We looked into each other’s eyes – his dark and mysterious, mine big and brown – and clinked glasses.”
  3. The connection between them was strong, or so she believed. Amanda went on to write that “The electricity between us was strong and raw. It traveled to my core. It was so intense I needed to break eye contact. He. We. The energy. It was electric. My body was completely charged. I was completely ‘on.'” She even claimed that their “souls connected” and that she truly believed she’d met her soulmate.
  4. Amanda ended her marriage less than a month later. Despite the fact that she’d had no further contact with Jason since the trip, Amanda decided to end her 14-year marriage anyway. “The woman who had always been so careful, so planned, so organized and so clear about the path her life would take, had just made the most dramatic decision of her life, one affecting those dearest to her – her family,” she recalled.
  5. It’s unclear what exactly happened with Jason. However, given the title of Amanda’s book, it seems safe to assume that he didn’t feel the same way about her as she did about him.
  6. People online have been roasting Amanda. As one person commented: “She ruined her life for nothing!!! one of the biggest Ls we’ve ever seen.” Another added: “I feel like a good therapist could’ve shortened this journey considerably by just saying ‘you’re clearly a massive narcissist’. But instead, the world got a book.”

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