25-Year-Old Woman Left Her Fiance For His 61-Year-Old Father And Now They Have A Baby Together

A 25-year-old woman has admitted that she left her childhood sweetheart after having an affair with his 61-year-old father. Mackenzie Yocum was engaged to the guy she’d been dating since high school when their relationship hit a rough patch. That’s when she started hooking up with his dad, Jeff Scholl, who was going through a divorce of his own, the Daily Mail reports. Mackenzie and Jeff now have a 5-month-old baby together but Mackenzie’s former fiance and Jeff’s son still won’t talk to either of them.

  1. Mackenzie does regret not being honest about her feelings. She and Jeff had an affair for six months before the truth came out, but Mackenzie says she does wish she’d been open about things with her former fiance, who she dated for six years before everything fell apart, and Jeff’s ex-wife earlier on. Sadly, they never actually came clean themselves – they were caught in 2018.
  2. Despite still being together and having a son, both Mackenzie and Jeff have lost a lot. Their relationship may be solid, according to the couple, but they’ve also lost so many family members to this affair. Not only has Mackenzie’s sister cut her off, but Jeff’s son and one of his daughters as well as his ex-wife want nothing to do with either of them.
  3. Mackenzie’s defense? She was unhappy in her relationship. “The one thing I regret is not being honest and starting a relationship with Jeff before our previous relationships had ended. We should have just been honest about our feelings and said we weren’t happy,” she said. “There’s emotional cheating and there’s physical cheating. The emotional cheating went on for around one year and the physical was six months. I was with his son for over six years, but Jeff was always so welcoming. I was really unhappy in the relationship with his son at the same time that Jeff was on the brink of a divorce.”
  4. Both Mackenzie and Jeff hope their families can forgive them one day. Jeff said: “It’s really hurtful that I don’t have a relationship with my son anymore. I hope one day it could be amendable. I do really regret how things have turned out. I feel like I never had a chance to explain myself because he never confronted me, he just cut me off, then we heard from another source that he knew about the relationship and now we live in different towns. I want him to know that I’m sorry but he wasn’t happy with Mackenzie and he’s happy in a new relationship now so everyone is happy.” Mackenzie echoed those sentiments, adding: “We obviously didn’t want to hurt anyone. That whole year was just really tough because I had a miscarriage before we had Wyatt. I think it was God’s way of telling us that we should have children together but not yet. I just want my ex and his mother to know that I am sorry for what happened, and I do feel bad.”

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