After More Than 200 Bad Dates, This Woman Is Marrying Her Dog

It’s normal to feel discouraged and demoralized after one too many bad dates. You begin to feel like you’ll never find love and you might even be tempted to give up. Former model Elizabeth Hoad has taken a different route, however—she plans on marrying her dog instead.

  1. Over 220 bad dates are to blame. Hoad tried finding a regular guy to date and potentially marry, but all of the 200+ men she went out with just didn’t fit the bill. In fact, many of them were downright awful. Because of this, her dog Logan has become her best potential partner.
  2. Hoad is simply done with men. As she told The Sun, “I’ve had 220 dates in eight years from six dating sites and it’s generally been a disaster. I thought it would be a good idea to ‘marry’ Logan instead. He never leaves my side and we love one another. Some might think I’m bonkers but it feels right. It’s my way of saying we’ll be together forever.” Fair enough.
  3. She’s been engaged twice before and it just never worked out. It’s always disappointing when a relationship doesn’t work, but imagine getting so far into things with someone that you actually get engaged and then it all falls apart… twice. Is it any wonder Hoad is a little disillusioned with love?
  4. She still needs to find a priest who will perform the ceremony. Marrying your dog, no matter how innocent, probably seems a little too close to bestiality for comfort for many priests, but Hoad is sure she can find a Catholic priest to perform her ceremony with Logan. Logan’s puppy buddies Ajax and Bear will be the best men.
  5. Hoad hopes to marry Logan next month. The ceremony is tentatively scheduled for August 2, so there are only a couple more weeks before they exchange vows. They’re even going on a honeymoon to a dog-friendly hotel! It seems kind of sweet, actually.
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