Woman Puts Positive Pregnancy Test In Boyfriend’s Ice Cream To Break Baby News

This is the internet age, so we all just have to get used to the fact that everyone is constantly trying to outdo everyone else to “go viral,” amass likes and retweets, and get more followers. For instance, one woman recently found out she was pregnant and decided to let her partner know in a, erm, creative way: by sticking the positive pregnancy test in his McDonald’s ice cream cone.


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  1. Yes, she peed on that thing. This is the biggest and most important thing to note here. In order to take a pregnancy test, you have to pee on it, so the fact that she decided to basically put her urine in her partner’s ice cream is… questionable at best.
  2. Worse than that, she shared a video of it on TikTok. The woman and her partner post on TikTok under the handle @joshandlisa and Lisa obviously thought it would be a great idea to film her breaking the news and put it online. She didn’t quite get the response I bet she was hoping for. She captioned the clip “the sweetest pregnancy announcement.” Girl, no.
  3. Josh doesn’t even realize what’s going on at first. He starts happily eating his ice cream cone, blissfully unaware that Lisa has peed on a stick and put it inside. She starts hurrying him to finish it and he warns her that he doesn’t want brain freeze. That’s when she remarks that she can’t wait to have “a brain freeze together” and that she’s “always wanted a brain freeze.” Talk about cringeworthy.
  4. Eventually, Josh realizes what’s happening. And bless his heart, he’s pretty happy about it as well. He doesn’t even seem to realize that she’s peed on it – and if he does, he doesn’t care.
  5. The internet was not impressed. “That’s disgusting,” one commenter remarked. Another added: “But…didn’t you pee on that stick?” However, a more observant watcher noticed that she put the cap on the end she peed on before putting it in the ice cream. Still not ideal, but congratulations!
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