Woman Says Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Is The ‘Perfect Man’ For Her

Woman Says Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Is The ‘Perfect Man’ For Her

A Kentucky woman has admitted she feels “lovesick” for accused Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger. Brittney Hislope, 35, is a single mom of a teen boy. However, she can’t stop sending love letters and naked photos of herself to Kohberger behind bars.

Kohberger has been held at Latah County jail since January 5 after he was formally charged with the murder of four college students who were stabbed to death in their beds on November 13, 2022. He’s being held without bond and if convicted will likely never be released.

However, Brittney Hislope thinks Bryan Kohberger is a total catch. In fact, she regularly posts lengthy missives about him on her Facebook page. She has described him as her “twin flame,” as well as bringing up the sex scene in “The Lost Boys,” writing, “I’d want to be with my love interest in these ways.”

Another post read: “With me being deprived of a love and sex life for so long, and only wanting one with someone I truly want wholeheartedly, with my feelings for Bryan I’ve had to be true to myself in reaching out to him. Some people may not understand that with Bryan being my love interest that I’m fixated on, I don’t think of being with others in the ways that I think of being with him.”

Brittney Hilsope thinks Bryan Kohberger is a total catch

“Thoughts of being with him also give me sensations that I wouldn’t get when thinking of someone else, because I have deep feelings for Bryan and am fixated on him although I don’t know how he feels about me and if there’s someone else he wants instead, even though that wouldn’t be ideal for my divine masculine counterpart to be that way.”

Brittney Hislope says that she gets “bodily sensations” when she thinks about being with Bryan Kohberger intimately. However, she insists that their connection is far more than sexual.

This isn’t the first time Hislope has fallen for a criminal. Back in 2018, she was sure she was in love with 33-year-old Cody Hall, a Kentucky man who shot a 50-year-old man to death and attacked two women with a machete. The man later had her banned from visiting him in prison.

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