Woman Shares ‘Genius’ Hack For Hanging Up On Someone Without Coming Off As Rude

Have you ever been on a call you really don’t want to be on and wondered how you can get out of it without looking like a total a-hole? You can’t just hang up on them and go about your day because that’s just rude. However, one woman has come up with the most ingenious solution to this very problem, revealing a way to get rid of an unwanted call in a way that seems totally innocent. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be trying this…


How To Hang Up On Somebody With Airplane Mode Hack

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  1. We have Woah Vicky to thank for this. Whoa Vicky, whose real name is Victoria Rose Waldrip, is an influencer, rapper, and model. She recently appeared on the YouTube series Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED. During filming, she got a call she didn’t really want to take but picked up anyway. However, she soon ends the call in a pretty unconventional way.
  2. It’s all about Airplane mode. Generally speaking, you only use Airplane Mode when you’re, well, getting on a plane or perhaps when you’re in a movie theater or somewhere else that you don’t want your phone going off. However, Woah Vicky proves that it has other uses as well, like getting rid of an unwanted caller quickly.
  3. On the surface, this isn’t your fault. If you just hang up on someone in the middle of a call, they’ll get a message that says “Call Ended.” However, when you just turn on Airplane Mode mid-conversation, they get the “Call Failed” message, which has nothing to do with you. You did nothing to cause the call to be over – it’s down to the damn signal or something, right?
  4. This little tip isn’t going to be a secret much longer. After the show’s hosts put the tip up on TikTok, it immediately began racking up views and has more than 11 million at the time of writing. Not only that, but thousands of people are commenting that they’re going to try it themselves, so something tells me we might not get to use this little trick for much longer before everyone catches on.

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