Woman Who Shot Boyfriend To Death Says She ‘Did Not Do A Very Good Job’ Cleaning Up His Blood

Woman Who Shot Boyfriend To Death Says She ‘Did Not Do A Very Good Job’ Cleaning Up His Blood Allegheny County Police

A Pennsylvania woman who allegedly shot her boyfriend to death in a rental car then dumped his body in an alley later told police that she wasn’t pleased with her clean-up job. Brook Lynn Lank, 24, was arrested as a suspect in the shooting pretty much immediately after the deceased man’s remains, belonging to 22-year-old Anthony Lofton, were discovered, Allegheny County Police announced in a statement.

  1. A concerned citizen called the body in. On March 13, officers received a call at roughly 6:29 a.m. reporting a deceased male in Derby Alley. There, they found Lofton with a gunshot wound to his head, and the Allegheny County Police Homicide Unit was called in to investigate. Lank was arrested later the same day.
  2. Lank was pretty open with police. According to court documents cited by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Lank told officers that she and Lofton got into an argument when she was driving and he was riding in the passenger seat. The argument erupted because Lofton allegedly asked Lank to take him to McKeesport to make a drug deal. Lofton threatened Lank with a gun, she claimed, but she then allegedly reached towards the gun and shot him in the head herself before shooting him two more times when she saw he was still breathing.
  3. She tried to clean up her crime, but not every well. Court documents went on to say that Lank threw the gun out the window after shooting Lofton before calling someone called Germelle Phillips and asking him to help dump the body. Phillips was not charged with a crime, which seems to insinuate that he declined her plea.
  4. Lank was tracked down using GPS. She was said to have been driving a rental vehicle with GPS at the time and was caught on surveillance footage. When police caught up with her, there was blood on some of the seats of the vehicle. Lank told police that she’d tried to clean it up but added, “I obviously did not do a very good job.”
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