Woman ‘Shot Dead’ After Dressing Up Like Ghost To Scare Her Neighbors

A woman in Mexico was reportedly shot dead after her attempt to freak her neighbors out via an elaborate prank went very wrong. The unnamed victim, who’s said to be between 20 and 25 years old, roamed the streets of Naucalpan de Juarez while wearing a white gown and veil. Her goal was to convince local residents that there was a ghost on the loose. Unfortunately, it seems to have cost her her life.

  1. The tragic accident took place on October 15. The woman put on the outfit and walked around the neighborhood of San Miguel Doram. She was trying to be the Weeping Woman, a popular figure also known as La Llorona who apparently walks the streets mourning her dead children. La Llorona supposedly drowned her two children after seeing her husband with another woman.
  2. The victim really went all-in on the characterization. In addition to staggering around in the dead of night while wearing the wedding outfit, she’s also said to have been shouting “ay, mis hijos,” meaning “oh, my children.” Sadly, it seems she was a little too convincing for one of her neighbors.
  3. One resident caught the woman’s antics on camera. However, just a few moments later, one of the neighbors reportedly shot her dead because they were scared. She is said to have died at the scene, though the Municipal Police have stated that no arrests have taken place in connection with the crime.
  4. An investigation into the incident is taking place. Given how many videos and photos of the alleged victim have been floating around social media, they should have a pretty good start.
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