Woman Who Smacked Police Officer In The Face Blames Mood Swings Caused By Birth Control Pill

A British woman who smacked a police officer in the face claims that she did so because her birth control caused her to experience severe mood swings. Rebecca Coulthard of Stockton in the UK pleaded guilty ot assault by beating of an emergency worker at a previous hearing but managed to escape prison time, TeesideLive reports.

  1. The officer approached Coulthard because of her “aggressive” behavior. Prosecutor Lillian Yanes Hellevik told the court that the officer in question saw Coulthard and her son walking down the road on July 11 and approached the pair when he noticed that Coulthard was “acting aggressive towards her son, she was pointing at hime and he seemed to be distressed.”
  2. Coulthard then got aggressive with the police officer. According to the police, upon the officer’s approach, Coulthard then turned her aggression towards the policeman and “began to shout expletives and then attempted to abscond from the scene.”
  3. She smacked the police officer across the face and neck. Not only that, but prosecutors say that she tried to punch and bite the officer as well. She later claimed that she couldn’t remember anything about the incident because she was drunk at the time.
  4. Somehow, Coulthard managed to avoid going to jail. Coulthard is said to have admitted that what she did was wrong and expressed remorse, apologizing to the officer via the prosecution team. It was revealed that she’d been struggling with mental health issues since the birth of her most recent child. Her defense lawyers insisted that the behavior was “particularly out of character for her now.”
  5. She was sentenced to a 12-month community order. As part of her sentence, she’ll need to complete 10 rehab activity requirement days and pay a series of fines totaling £240 ($333).
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