Woman Sued By Her Date For ‘Breaking A Verbal Contract’ By Not Having Sex With Him

A woman on TikTok has revealed that she was sued by a guy she went on a date with for allegedly “breaking a verbal contract” by not having sex with him. Emily, who uses the handle @your.big.sis.emi on the social media platform, posted a video recently in which she shared her experience with the guy who clearly couldn’t accept rejection – and how she got her revenge.


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  1. Emily’s date, Chad, was studying to be a lawyer. However, I’m guessing he doesn’t have much of a grasp on the law given that he thought a woman declining to have sex with him was grounds for a lawsuit. Plenty of women go on dates with men and don’t have sex with them, but the problem is that Chad “assumed” he was going to get laid after they went out. Of course, Emily never agreed to that in the slightest and decided to head home when their date was over.
  2. Chad decided to sue her for not sleeping with him. As Emily recalled in the video, “A few days later he had paid someone to serve me with papers to, like, sue me for ‘breaking a verbal contract.'” Yes, seriously.
  3. Thankfully, Emily had a trick up her sleeve. As she revealed, she just so happened to remember that Chad had spent an inordinate amount of time during their date bragging about how his dad’s a lawyer, and that information came in handy. “I made an appointment with his dad and just told on him to his dad,” Emily said. Excellent!
  4. There was an added reason Emily decided not to sleep with Chad. While a woman’s decision not to engage in sexual contact never needs explaining or justifying, Emily did add that she “smelled a smell” when Chad took his underwear off and that there were “skid marks” on them. Yikes! She did indeed “abort mission,” which is why Chad thought he had a case, I guess.
  5. After he found the video, Chad tried to sue her again. This time, for slander. However, an actual practicing lawyer told her she has “nothing to worry about” because “Chad” is a generic name and no one can tell who the guy is simply from that. Maybe it’s time for Chad to move on?
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