Woman Unearths Rare Gemstone That Looks Like A Giant Chicken Tender

There must be something super exciting as someone in the gemstone business to uncover a stone that’s incredibly rare, beautiful, and potentially worth a whole lot of money. (Come on, who hasn’t seen and loved Uncut Gems?) However, I doubt Bloomington, Indiana native and jewelry business owner Amelia Rude knew what she was getting into when she uncovered this rare crystal that looks a whole lot like a giant chicken tender.

Amelia runs her own gemstone jewelry business. Along with her boyfriend, 20-year-old Amelia runs Unbeadable Energies. Together they create unique gemstone bracelets for customers. She has loads of different, rare gems in her collection, but the chicken tender gem kinda takes the cake, I’d say.

The photo went viral after she posted it to Reddit. She posted it on the /r/forbiddensnacks sub and was shocked at the response it received. At the time of writing, it has nearly 48,000 upvotes and 592 comments from Redditers desperate to take a bite. “I knew it played a pretty convincing fried chicken, so I expected it might get a thousand upvotes or so, but I was surprised when it took off the way that it did,” Amelia told UNILAD.

Then it took off on Twitter too. That’s because @fartpowder posted the photo along with the caption “CRYSTAL THAT LOOKS LIKE CHICKEN TENDER ALERT.” That tweet collected more than 53,000 retweets, 284,000 likes, and more than 5,000 comments.

So what is the chicken tender gemstone really? “It’s a calcium carbonate cluster! There are two varieties: calcite and aragonite,” Amelia explained. “A simple vinegar or HCl test would determine which one it is, but I’m hesitant to erode its natural crispy beauty.”

Apparently lots of gemstones look edible. Not all of them look quite as good as this chicken tender buddy, but it’s not all that uncommon, Amelia says. “Lots of crystals look surprisingly edible, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen such a convincing chicken tender before. Slices of rhodochrosite can look like both ham and grapefruit, and dark pink rose quartz plays a good raw meat,” she said. Good to know!

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